Mr. Oren Goes From Washington (to Jerusalem)

Michael Oren, the former Israeli ambassador to the U.S., has won a Knesset seat. Will Benjamin Netanyahu seek to bring the only U.S.-born lawmaker back into his cabinet?

What's a Nice Jewish Boy Doing Leading a Fraternity Like This?

Bradley Cohen is the first Jewish president of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. He insists the fraternity isn’t racist — despite the offensive video created by members in Oklahoma.

Conservatives Break Jewish Silence To Denounce Bibi's Anti-Arab Election Scare Tactic

The world is outraged the anti-Arab scare tactic Benjamin Netanyahu used on Election Day. So why is the Conservative movement the first Jewish group to condemn his inflammatory remarks?

Is Birthright NEXT Shutting Down?

Birthright Israel’s alumni division faces an uncertain future following the departure of its top two executives and the discontinuation of its flagship Sabbath meals program.

What Will Netanyahu Victory Mean for American-Israeli Relations?

What Netanyahu has just proved, Nathan Guttman writes, is that an Israeli leader can bring relations with the White House to a historic low and still emerge victorious.