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Jewish Lawyer Seeks Answers for 9/11 Victims

Attorney Jerry Goldman has met with 9/11 terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui, who accuses Saudi Arabia of backing al Qaeda. Could the ‘20th hijacker’ provide a break in a long-stalled civil case?

Hillel BDS Controversy Fails To Overshadow Inspirational Harvard Civil Rights Panel

Dorothy Zellner spoke inspirationally about what led Jews like her to join the civil rights struggle. Will her open support for BDS force changes in Hillel International’s ban on such speakers?

Harvard Hillel Hosts BDS Supporter for Panel in Apparent Break With Policy

Hillel International says it doesn’t allow events with pro-BDS speakers. So why has it endorsed Harvard Hillel’s participation in a civil rights forum with Mideast peace activist Dorothy Zellner?

New York City Changes Policy on Controversial Circumcision Rite

New York City mohels suspected of infecting babies with herpes during a controversial circumcision rite will have to undergo DNA testing, according to a tentative agreement announced today between the city and ultra-Orthodox rabbis.

How a Small Accounting Firm Became Jewish Charities' Auditor of Choice

Two New York Jewish charities rocked by scandal in recent months have something in common: They were both audited by the small accounting firm Loeb & Troper.