Jewish 'Little House on The Prairie' Star Running for Congress as Michigan Democrat

Melissa Gilbert, who played Laura Ingalls, is fighting to go from the Little House on the Prairie to the House on the hill. Capitol Hill.


Jews Push Washington to Admit More Syrian Refugees, Even as Some Worry About Backlash

Jewish groups hope that petitions and calls to the White House will convince the government to let in more Syrian refugees. But will it be enough?


Meet the 4 Jewish Winners of MacArthur 'Genius' Grants

Who are the Jewish ‘geniuses’? Four Jews are among this year’s crop of winners picked by a foundation for extraordinary achievements in diverse fields.

Haim Saban Leaves Pro-Israel Coalition Over Sheldon Adelson's Right-Wing Push

Democrat Haim Saban and Republican Sheldon Adelson put politics aside to back a megabucks push against BDS on campus. Three months later, the bipartisan front has collapsed amid charges Adelson only wanted to fund far right-wing projects.


When Walking Dogs Is a Labor of Love — and Small Act of Rebellion

Gedalya Gottenger knows being a dog-walker is an unusual job for a Hasidic Jew since the community mostly fears dogs. But he has learned to love the pets he works with — and isn’t afraid to chart his own path.

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