An Interview With Einstein

Relativity at 100: From the archives: a Forverts reporter meets up with Einstein in his house in Princeton.

How Did this Ultra-Orthodox Man End Up in Charge of the Albert Einstein Archives?

Albert Einstein was never known as the most observant of Jews. So how did an ultra-Orthodox man end up curating the Albert Einstein Archives in Jerusalem — and what has he learned from the iconic scientist’s works?


How I Snuck Onto Ferry To Interview Albert Einstein as He Arrived in America

Relativity at 100: an old Forverts interview with Einstein, as he rides the ferry across NY harbor.

Why Is a Mainstream Jewish Charity Funding Pamela Geller?

Pamela Geller is the most prominent representative for the anti-Muslim far-right on the Internet. Yet tax filings show that she has received substantial grants from the Jewish Communal Fund, a mainstream philanthropic group.


Poles Call for Hate Speech Crackdown After Demonstrators Burn Jew in Effigy

Poland’s B’nai Brith has denounced the burning of a Jew in effigy during an anti-refugee rally. The anti-Semitic act followed tirades against Muslim refugees at a rally in Wroclaw, a major city in southwest Poland.

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