What’s Next for Haim Saban, the Democrats’ Top Pro-Israel Donor After Election Loss?

Haim Saban, widely views as the closest pro-Israel donor to Hillary and Bill Clinton, has yet to pick a candidate to support in 2020. His current focus is on ensuring that the Democratic Party remains supportive of Israel by making sure Keith Ellison does not become chair of the DNC.


Free Speech Advocates Warn that Anti-Semitism Bill Could Make Activism a Civil Rights Violation

Free speech advocates say that a bill passed Thursday by the U.S. Senate with bipartisan support could put campus critics of Israel at risk of being investigated by the federal government for civil rights violations.


Top Clinton Donor Saban Calls Ellison ‘Anti-Semite’ and ‘Anti-Israel’

Saban, Hillary Clinton’s top donor, warned that electing Ellison to head the DNC would be a “disaster” for the Democratic Party’s relations with Jewish Americans


Inside the Insular World of Israeli Jews Who Became Jehovah’s Witnesses

Yarden Zalimansky is only 25, but comports himself like a staid older citizen. He’s been married for a few years, and wears a white shirt, tie and dark slacks for our meeting; he has a tablet opened to a Bible app and speaks in a deeply serious tone of voice. Until age 19, he styled himself an atheist, now he’s a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He grew up in Tel Aviv in a secular family (“One Holocaust and three cases of cancer was enough for the loss of God”), and majored in film at an arts high school.


On Social Media, Readers Slam Forward for Ivanka Kugel Post

The Forward is getting slammed on social media for posting a story about Ivanka Trump’s kugel.

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