Hebrew University Organizes Argentina Cannabis Conference

Hebrew University is organizing Argentina’s first international conference on medicinal cannabis.

IDF Strikes Syrian Rocket Launchers After Missiles Land In Israeli Territory

This is the third time this week that Israel has been involved in a back-and-forth exchange with forces in Syria.

Why Trump’s Blowup With Slain Soldier’s Family Could Never Happen In Israel

Stories about President Trump’s interactions with the families of soldiers killed in military service dominated the news this week, including especially his lie that previous presidents like Barack Obama didn’t call such families, and his remark to a grieving widow that her husband “knew what he signed up for.”


Texas Law Requires Hurricane Victims To Not Boycott Israel In Order To Get Aid

“You pick any divisive issue — it would be a breach of the transparency we expect of government to kick people like that when they’re down.”


Richard Spencer Scores A Win, But Jewish Students Deny Him Attention

“When there’s so much darkness and negativity on campus, we want to push the message — small acts of kindness can add up.”

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