Howard Stern: Donald Trump Was Too Lewd Even for Me

Howard Stern, the radio dirty talker whose name evokes sleaze, said on his Monday program that Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” about sexually assaulting women was too much even for him.

Sarah Silverman Helps Russ Feingold Rake In Cash for Tight Wisconsin Senate Fight

n Wednesday, comedian and actress Sarah Silverman sent a fundraising e-mail to Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold’s backers asking them to chip in a few dollars to help beat incumbent and Republican foe Ron Johnson.

Why This Jewish Terror Victim Wanted a Palestinian Tattoo Artist to Heal Her Scars

Palestinian tattoo artist Wissam Razzouk inked a Hebrew prayer on Jewish terror victim Kay Wilson as part of a new project called “Healing Ink,” which uses tattooing to help Israeli victims of terrorism and war overcome trauma.


Chicago Jews for Trump Hold Forth in Deep Blue Illinois — Softly

Even in a normal election year, the Windy City is a tough town for a Republican. But in 2016 it’s even harder to be a Donald Trump supporter. This is, after all, President Barack Obama’s hometown. It’s also a Democratic stronghold built up by two Mayor Daley’s in an uncontested state that is reliably deep blue.

Eminem Gives Trump Bad Rap — and David Duke Hits Back

With groping allegations swirling around Donald Trump, rapper Eminem’s out with the cutting single, “Campaign Speech,” which takes aim at the Republican nominee. And white supremacist David Duke is not happy about it.

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