6 Media Pillars of the ‘Alt-Right’

The “alt-right” has taken the media by storm this summer. From the rise — and downfall — of Milo Yiannapoulos to Trump tweeting anti-Semitic graphics to the hiring of Steve Bannon, chairman of Breitbart News, to run the Trump campaign, the neo-white supremacist movement has never been more visible.


In Israel, Policy Produces Babies, Even for a 60-Year-Old Mother

First time births to much older women make up just a fraction of all births in Israel. But they are on the rise.


Hillary Clinton Sweeping Jewish Vote by 3-1 Landslide in Florida Poll — Trump Leads With Orthodox

Florida is once again the ultimate swing state — and a new poll of Jewish voters in the Sunshine State suggests Hillary Clinton has little to worry about.


This Rabbi is Striking Back at Pedophiles — Using Twitter

Meet the rabbi who’s on a mission to educate the Orthodox community about sexual abuse—and publicly out pedophiles while he’s at it.


Democratic Staffers Mocked Jerrold Nadler’s Weight in Leaked Emails

During the Iran nuclear deal debate, Rep. Jerry Nadler proved to be a valuable asset for the Obama administration. The Jewish New York Jewish congressman, after lengthy deliberations, decided to back the deal.

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