Is Elena Kagan Dressing Down Gorsuch Behind The Supreme Court’s Closed Doors?

Somebody—very likely a Supreme Court Justice—is leaking to reporters that Kagan is fed up with her conservative counterpart.

Who Is White Nationalist Leader Richard Spencer?

Richard Spencer has called for a “peaceful ethnic cleansing” to precede the creation of a white ethno-state in America.

5 Things About The Neo-Nazi Who Came Out As A Gay Jew

Kevin Wilshaw kept quiet about his identity — until hatred was directed at him. Now he wants to “do some damage” to racists.

Ohio Democrat Wants To Be First Rabbi In Congress

“I’m not looking to be a career politician. I’ve already had a career…. I’m doing it out of a sense of responsibility.”

Dutch Soccer Fans Mock Child Holocaust Victims

Fans of Ajax are often called “Jews” in recognition of the large Jewish community that had existed in Amsterdam before the Holocaust.

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