How Jewish Principles Guide Teachers’ Union Leader Randi Weingarten

“For our long-term survival as a people, we need a thriving democracy in the United States that understands the separation between church and state

With Bannon Out Of White House, Is Sebastian Gorka Next?

Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka represent the nationalist camp within the Trump White House.


Queens Museum Nixes - And Then Reinstates - Israeli Event

The Queens Museum canceled an event with the Israeli mission to the United Nations, citing concerns from “Palestinian friends of the museum.”

Charlottesville Happened On Shabbat. Here’s What The Rabbis Did That Day.

The rabbis had realized an attack on the synagogue was a real possibility, and they removed the Torahs, including a Holocaust scroll.

Have Republican Jews Reached Their Breaking Point With Trump?

Some groups, like the Republican Jewish Coalition, criticized their party leader. But others, like the Zionist Organization of America, demurred.

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