All Israel Wants to Know Which Famous Writer is Alleged Sexual Harasser?

Israel is abuzz with speculation over the identity of a famous Israeli writer who was accused of sexual assault — but not named — in an essay in the Jewish Journal this week. And even the marketplace sellers want to know.


Tom Hayden, the ’60s Radical Who Maintained His Humanity

Tom Hayden, who died on Sunday, October 23, was one of the best of the change-makers who made The Sixties a transformative time, and who have kept going with verve and persistence through the half-century since.

Do Chicago Cubs Owe World Series Breakthrough to Chabad Lulavs and Golems?

After 70 seasons, the Chicago Cubs’ World Series appearance seems almost too improbable to believe; especially given the team’s long tradition of dramatic late-season collapses. But now that the team is actually favored to win the series against the Cleveland Indians—their first-game rout notwithstanding—it’s no surprise that fans are beginning to think of supernatural forces.

Down to the Dog Whistles, Donald Trump’s Jerusalem Rally Could Have Happened in Idaho

A few hundred American-Israelis and a smattering of evangelical Christians gathered in Jerusalem’s Old City to drum up support for the Republican nominee at a critical moment in his flagging campaign.


Top 5 Donors to Hillary Clinton Campaign Are All Jewish

WASHINGTON (JTA) — The top five donors in efforts to elect Hillary Clinton president are Jewish, according to a Washington Post analysis. The story posted Oct. 24 named the top donors, who are contributing $1 of every $17 of the over $1 billion amassed for the Democratic nominee’s presidential run. They are Donald Sussman, a…

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