After Arson Murders, West Bank Village Waits in Vain for Justice

Over the past month and a half, residents of this tight-knit village in Israeli-occupied territory have oscillated between grief and anxiety.


David Gordon Survived Abuse and Gaza War — But Did He Really Commit Suicide?

David Gordon, a young American abuse survivor turned Israeli soldier, was found dead just as his life was turning around. His family and friends continue to wonder: Was his death a suicide?


Crisis on Continent Opens Britain's Eyes to Plight of Refugees

Britain has so far avoided much direct contact with the thousands of migrants thronging Europe. Rachel Lasserson says British Jews must change that by opening their doors to the refugees.


Why Jews Believe Pope Francis Feels Bond in His 'Kishkes'

Jews are unlikely to line the streets when Pope Francis arrives in the U.S. next week. But the pontiff’s visit will likely cement his standing as one of the closest friends Jews have ever known in the Vatican.


Ann Coulter Drops F-Bomb in Debate Diatribe About Jews

Conservative columnist Ann Coulter used an epithet to describe Jews in expressing frustration with pledges to support Israel during the most recent Republican debate.

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