Trump Judge Nominee Compared U.S. Treatment Of Christians To Nazi Germany

Jeff Mateer claimed that the Obama administration’s birth control mandate was similar to “what happened in the 1930s in Germany with Hitler.”

How Bronfman Sisters Bankrolled Secretive ‘Self-Help’ Group With $150M — And Sparked Family Feud

How Sara and Clare Bronfman, daughters of the late Jewish philanthropist, helped bankroll a shadowy self-help sect.

Richard Spencer Sharpens White Supremacist Message — And Brings It To Campus

“They’re targeting white male students who feel excluded from the diversity of campus culture. These groups offer an alternative.”

Florida Pledges $1M For Jewish Security. Muslims Ask, ‘Why Not Us Too?’

The ACLU added that awarding security grants to institutions from only one religion may violate the separation of church and state.

Israel Won’t Negotiate With Hamas-Backed Palestinian Government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had seven conditions, including that Hamas recognize Israel, disarm and sever ties with Iran.

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