Netanyahu Rejects Attack on Reform Judaism by Shas Minister

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected comments attributed to the country’s religious services minister in which he attacked Reform Judaism.

Is Chuck Schumer Waffling on Iran Nuclear Deal?

Chuck Schumer has been one of the staunchest Democratic critics of the emerging nuclear deal with Iran. So Jewish activists were surprised when he softened his tone.

Israel's Druze Call for Rescue of Embattled Syrian Brethren

Israel’s Druze have watched in horror as their brethren in Syria have been massacred in the raging civil war. They want Israel to come to their rescue — but most analysts believe intervention would make things worse.

Is Bernie Sanders a Lefty on Everything Except for Israel?

Bernie Sanders has mostly stuck to a pro-Israel stance, albeit a quiet one. Is that changing now that he is running as a leftist insurgent in the Democratic presidential race?

Interest Conflict: Jewish members of the majority on the East Ramapo school board have presided over deep cuts in public schools, as most children in their community attend private yeshivahs.

How Orthodox Are Blocking East Ramapo School Reform Measure

A controversial bill to appoint a monitor for an Orthodox-dominated upstate New York school board has drawn intense backlash. Has an unusual coalition succeeded in killing the measure?