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Deborah Waxman

Reconstructionists May Lift Ban on Intermarried Rabbis

The Reconstructionist movement is on the cusp of making a historic decision about whether to drop its longstanding ban against intermarried rabbinical school students.

How a Biblical Edict Became a Boon for Palestinian Farmers

Once every seven years, the Bible tells Israeli Jews to let their land go fallow. For Palestinian farmers, that edict has become manna from a strange heaven.

Hadar Susskind

Bend the Arc Founds Jewish Social Justice PAC

In the world of political giving, Jewish PACs are not a rarity. In fact, there are 34 of them ranging from right to left on the political spectrum. But they all focus on one key issue: Israel.

Inspired: Anthony Watkins is an assistant professor of surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Can an Orthodox Charity Help Save Lives in This Man's Church?

It’s difficult to get kidneys for those who need transplants. Could the model of an ultra-Orthodox group that saves fellow Jews work for the black community?

Big Find: Solomon Schechter studies documents from the Cairo Genizah in 1895.

Say Goodbye to This Treasure Trove of Rare Texts — Until 2018

Manhattan’s Jewish Theological Seminary has the greatest collection of rare Jewish historical documents in the United States — and it’s putting them all in storage for years.