WATCH: Tens of Thousands Thank God for Harvest at Western Wall

Numbering in the tens of thousands, the group congregated to recite a special invocation – the birkat kohanim – that descendants of Judaism’s ancient priestly class chant in large public crowds around Sukkoth and Passover.


Israeli Terror Survivors and War Vets Get Inked To Help Heal

Israelis who suffered trauma from war and terrorism get tattooed as a way to heal.

Israelis Might Soon Get Their Pot at the Prescription Counter

Pending approval from the country’s Health Ministry, Israel’s biggest drugstore conglomerate will dispense medical pot at its hundreds of locations, according to a Thursday report in Ha’aretz.

Howard Stern: Donald Trump Was Too Lewd Even for Me

Howard Stern, the radio dirty talker whose name evokes sleaze, said on his Monday program that Donald Trump’s “locker room talk” about sexually assaulting women was too much even for him.


Sarah Silverman Helps Russ Feingold Rake In Cash for Tight Wisconsin Senate Fight

n Wednesday, comedian and actress Sarah Silverman sent a fundraising e-mail to Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold’s backers asking them to chip in a few dollars to help beat incumbent and Republican foe Ron Johnson.

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