5 Jewish Things About the MacArthur ‘Genius’ Grants

Here’s a run-down of 5 Jewish things about the prestigious awards.

Did Yankees Ignore Jewish Fan Who Had Yarmulke Snatched Off Head at Stadium?

A Jewish Yankee fan is alleging officials for the Bronx Bombers failed to investigate his complaint against a man who tauntingly grabbed his yarmulke of his head during a September 12 game.


Wearing Hot Pink as Bad as Eating Pork, British Rabbi Says

Joseph wore a coat of many colors, but his mother Rachel shouldn’t have done the same. That’s according to London’s Rabbi Eliyahu Falk, who sent out a letter to Haredi congregants likening women’s wearing of bright colors to eating non-kosher food.

Did Shabbat Keep One Orthodox Business Safe From Chelsea Bombing?

Arriving at the King David Gallery two days after the blast, owner David Peretz returned to a broken storefront and damaged merchandise. Because the Orthodox Jew closes shop on Shabbat, however, all his workers were at home when the explosion happened.

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