Holocaust Denier Sentenced To Visit Concentration Camps

Asked one expert: “Can he write, ‘Well, I went and I didn’t see anybody being killed’ or, ‘These gas chambers were incapable of killing someone?’”

Bernie Sanders: U.S. ‘Complicit’ In Israeli Occupation

“But that is not to say … that Israel is the only party at fault,” he added.

FBI Investigating Threats Against California Jewish College Students

Fliers bearing an image of Adolf Hitler and the message “finish what he started” were posted at the Multicultural Center last week.

European Jews Worried By Far-Right Victories In German Election

“Some of the positions [the AfD] espoused during the election campaign display alarming levels of intolerance not seen in Germany for many decades.”

Merkel Hangs On In German Election But Far-Right Surges

Mirroring results from around Europe, the two main parties saw their totals slump as voters gravitated to the nationalist right.

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