Are Ultra-Orthodox Ready To Join Israel’s Start-Up Nation Boom?

Are high tech jobs a way to lift ultra-Orthodox Jews in Israel out of poverty?


Accused Killer of Missouri History Professor Called ‘Most Placid Guy’

Colleagues of Edward Gutting, the Missouri State University professor who stabbed retired teacher Marc Cooper to death, are expressing their “shock” over what conspired.

Nigeria May Block Israel From Attending West African Summit

Israel had been planning to sit down at a meeting with 15 West African countries this year — but the Nigerian president is not signing off on the deal.


Introducing the Israeli Onion, a Satire Site for the Middle East

The headlines are shocking. And the stories are delivered in cool newsroom deadpan. Introducing Israel’s answer to the Onion, the American satire site — the Mideast Beast.


How Much Should Israeli Guests Splash on Wedding Gift? Web Sites Do Math.

Summer brings wedding season in the Holy Land, and with it, a mathematical conundrum for many wedding guests: How much money to gift the bride and groom?

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