Temple Mount Revival Movement Revels in Crowd-Funded Passover Sacrifice — but at What Cost?

Jewish activists who aim to rebuild the Second Temple in Jerusalem reveled in the slaughter of a lamb for Passover. The movement is gaining popularity — but will it spark new conflict, too?


Israeli Artist’s Agreement To Honor Righteous Gentiles in Warsaw Ghetto Sparks Furor

An Israeli sculptor’s acceptance of a commission to design a Warsaw Ghetto memorial to non-Jewish Poles who saved Jews during the Holocaust has reignited a furor over the project. Opponents had been trying to persuade Tel Aviv sculptor Danny Karavan to turn down the commission and ‘defend the integrity of this ground.’


Trump Praises Sanders But Faces Struggle to Win Over His Voters

As Donald Trump moves closer to clinching the Republican presidential nomination, he has offered lavish praise for Bernie Sanders, who faces increasingly slim chances in his battle with Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race.


Journalist Flooded With Neo-Nazi Hate After Writing Melania Trump Profile

Donald Trump supporters who didn’t like a profile of the candidate’s wife deluged its Jewish author with anti-Semitism online, including an image of her face superimposed on an Auschwitz prisoner.


Firestorm Follows Israeli Sculptor’s Agreement to Design Warsaw Ghetto Memorial to Righteous Gentiles

Controversy has reignited over plans for a memorial in the Warsaw Ghetto honoring non-Jewish Poles who saved Jews during the Holocaust following an Israeli sculptor’s apparent acceptance of a commission to design the project.

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