'What it means to be Jewish in Philadelphia' is now decided in Baltimore.

What's Behind the Mass Layoffs at the Philadelphia Jewish Exponent?

The abrupt layoff of all editorial staffers at Philadelphia’s Jewish Exponent, the second-oldest Jewish newspaper in America, has highlighted the dire situation of local Jewish publications struggling to stay afloat.

Orange CEO Set to Arrive in Israel

Orange telecom CEO Stephane Richard was set to arrive in Israel to “clarify the misunderstanding” over his recent remarks about Israel.

Who's Investigating Rabbis Who Cross the Line?

Barry Freundel, Michael Broyde, Jonathan Rosenblatt, Barry Starr. Who is supposed to watch over rabbis when they cross ethical or criminal lines — and are they doing their job properly?

Could California Ban Anti-Israel Campus Protests as 'Anti-Semitic' Hate?

California’s sprawling state university may soon adopt a definition of anti-Semitism that could allow it to ban many campus protests of Israel. Is the move defending Jewish students’ rights — or an effort to squelch free speech?

Secret Sheldon Adelson Summit Raises up to $50M for Strident Anti-BDS Push

Sheldon Adelson’s secret summit in Las Vegas has been declared a rousing success, with up to $50 million pouring into the coffers of pro-Israel campus groups. So why do some Jewish groups see its aggressive approach as a recipe for failure?