Rabbi Avrohom Cohn rinses with mouthwash before performing metzitzah b'peh.

Could Something Other Than Mohels Be Giving Herpes in Circumcisions?

A new study claims that rabbis performing a controversial circumcision rite are not solely to blame for herpes infections in infants. But if mohels are not the source, then what is?


Is Hebrew a Language To Bind Us, or To Bore Us?

It’s common for young Jews to study Hebrew until the age of 13 — and then never interact with the language again. Now, some are offering ways to counter this so-called ‘bar mitzvah syndrome.’

Rallying for Safety: Councilman David Greenfield joined students, public advocates, and city council members at a rally for school safety in May.

Meet The Jewish Politician Calling For Private School Security Legislation

If City Councilman David Greenfield has his way, New York City’s religious and nonreligious private schools may have armed guards out front come the fall, funded by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Fresh Faces: Students at the young Lashon Academy, which is entering its third year as a dual-language Hebrew charter school in Los Angeles, California.

In an Education Reform Battlefield, Hebrew Charters Are at the Forefront

As charter schools expand across the country, a handful of Hebrew charter schools are trying to prove that one can teach modern Hebrew and about Israel in an entirely secular context.

English in Israel: TALMA educators gather for a group photo. This year, the program sent 80 teachers to Israel to partner with Israeli educators and teach English to students from low-income families across Israel.

English Teachers Go to Israel To Help Low-Income Kids, Learn a Lesson or Two

TALMA, the Israel Program for Excellence in English, brought 80 American teachers to Israel for 5 weeks to teach low-income students in grades 1-4. What they found surprised them.