Did Shabbat Keep One Orthodox Business Safe From Chelsea Bombing?

Arriving at the King David Gallery two days after the blast, owner David Peretz returned to a broken storefront and damaged merchandise. Because the Orthodox Jew closes shop on Shabbat, however, all his workers were at home when the explosion happened.

Jewish National Fund Gives $530K From American Donors to West Bank Settlement

The Jewish National Fund’s American fundraising arm gave $530,000 to a visitor’s center in a West Bank settlement.


Could Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church Be A Mental Health Model for Synagogues?

Synagogue has little in common with the evangelical mega-church, known for its large crowds, pop music, testimony and taste for modern technology. But if author Stephen Fried is right, there’s much synagogues could learn about caring for people with mental illness from Saddleback.

WATCH: Will Jewish Seniors Haunt Their Trump-Voting Grandkids?

In a new ad (“We’ve Seen This Before) from the advocacy group Bend the Arc Jewish Action, seniors urge the young to help defeat the Republican presidential nominee.

How Donald Trump Invokes Israel in Anti-Terror Push — and Gets Israel All Wrong

The resemblance between Trump’s post-Chelsea bombing approach to terrorism and Israel’s battle-tested doctrine should not be overstated. Trump has offered a simplistic interpretation of Israel’s approach to combating terror threats.

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