Jewish Community Dying In Home Of Satmar Hasidic Dynasty

The Jewish community in Satu Mare, Romania, the birthplace of Satmar Hasidism, has an uncertain future.

IDF Announces New Operation: A War On Smoking

The Israeli military will stop selling cigarettes on bases and will ban smoking inside its national headquarters.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Tweets Warning To West Of ‘Wrong Moves’

“US govt. is the great Satan,” tweeted the Supreme Leader of the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism.

Ultra-Orthodox Jews Clash With Police In Protest Against IDF Conscription

Police were seen beating, kicking and dragging the demonstrators. Protesters threw rocks at police.

Mitchell Flint, U.S. Pilot Who Helped Create Israeli Air Force, Dies At 94

Flint, a World War II veteran, flew some of Israel’s first fighter planes, including refurbished Nazi jets that had been captured by the Allies.

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