Ultra-Orthodox Jews gather in Bnei Brak to protest Haredi draft laws in Israel in March 2014.

Ultra-Orthodox Celebrate Rollback of Israel Draft Law

Ultra-Orthodox leaders have convinced Benjamin Netanyahu to roll back laws that would have required all Israelis to serve in the military. Yeshiva students are celebrating their victory — as secular opponents fume over perceived injustice.

Pamela Geller Vows To Repeat Muhammed Caricature Event After Attack

Firebrand Pamela Geller is vowing to push ahead with another event showcasing caricatures of the Prophet Muhammed — even after radical gunmen attacked the first one.

Pamela Geller's Strident Voice Sparks Debate — and Violence

Once derided as a crackpot, Pamela Geller has a bulging budget and rising support for her anti-Islam message. After the weekend shootings in Texas, could she take center stage in a national debate over faith and freedom?

Ethiopian Protests Sign of Stubborn Racism in Israeli Society

Images of Israeli police firing stun grenades are usually set in the West Bank and involve Palestinian protesters. But on Sunday the situation was quite different - riot police battling thousands of Ethiopian Jews in the center of Tel Aviv.

How Orthodox Money Is Reshaping Republican Politics

Republicans are taking a growing interest in Orthodox Jews — not only as voters, but also as key funders. How will this new breed of religious activism shape national politics?