Churches Split Over Black Lives Matter’s Criticism of Israel

On Sunday, a council of hundreds of black churches rejected a new policy platform associated with the Black Lives Matter movement, specifically because the activist manifesto criticizes Israel. But a younger stream of African American clergy preach a more radical message — rejecting what might have been a default support of Israel along with the political conservatism of an elder generation.


Alan Dershowitz Will Do ‘Anything’ To Help Clinton Win — Even Play Trump in Debate Prep

Hillary Clinton has not asked Alan Dershowitz to play the role of Trump in her upcoming debate camp.


Donald Trump Has a Plan To Keep Out Anti-Semites. Does It Make Any Sense?

Jewish groups worry that ideological tests could indulge stereotyping.


Slim Majorities of Israelis and Palestinians Want Two-State Solution: Poll

A joint Israeli-Palestinian poll has found that a small majority of Israelis and Palestinians still believe in a two-state solution that would end Israel’s military occupation and create an independent Palestinian state.


Meet Lior Ron, the Israeli Tech Guru at the Center of the Self-Driving Revolution

Lior Ron may soon be a key figure in the worldwide self-driving revolution as a result of the sale last week of Otto, the maker of technology for self-driving trucks, to Uber for a reported $680 million..

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