Donald Trump Invites Malik Obama, the President’s Hamas-Supporting Half-Brother to Debate

Donald Trump invited Barack Obama’s half-brother and Hamas supporter Malik Obama to the third and final debate tonight.


Online Neo-Nazi Hit List Shut Down After Forward Report

The page with the deceptively innocent name “Jews in Modern Society” listed names, photos and professions of almost 400 Jews.

9 Things We Learned From the ADL Report on Trolling Jewish Journalists

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released a report showing the unprecedented online harassment Jews - and especially Jewish journalists – are facing in the age of Twitter and Trump.

7 Things About Debate Moderator Chris Wallace — Starting With He’s Jewish

When Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton took to the stage for their final presidential debate, they were joined by moderator Chris Wallace, the Fox News anchor and political commentator who also happens to be Jewish.


This Jewish Democrat Raised $13K for GOP on GoFundMe After ‘Nazi’ Firebombing

In a rare moment of across the aisle solidarity, Democrats led an online fundraiser to fix a North Carolina Republican Party office damaged by an explosion last week.

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