Who's Investigating Rabbis Who Cross the Line?

Barry Freundel, Michael Broyde, Jonathan Rosenblatt, Barry Starr. Who is supposed to watch over rabbis when they cross ethical or criminal lines — and are they doing their job properly?

Could California Ban Anti-Israel Campus Protests as 'Anti-Semitic' Hate?

California’s sprawling state university may soon adopt a definition of anti-Semitism that could allow it to ban many campus protests of Israel. Is the move defending Jewish students’ rights — or an effort to squelch free speech?

Secret Sheldon Adelson Summit Raises up to $50M for Strident Anti-BDS Push

Sheldon Adelson’s secret summit in Las Vegas has been declared a rousing success, with up to $50 million pouring into the coffers of pro-Israel campus groups. So why do some Jewish groups see its aggressive approach as a recipe for failure?

Healing: Posters made by children using toys salvaged from their homes in the 2014 war, now on display at a mental health clinic in Gaza City.

Gaza Braces for Next War, But Last One Hasn't Really Ended

The world has moved on from last summer’s Israel-Hamas war, but Palestinians have not. Amid the threat of renewed violence, Naomi Zeveloff went to Gaza to learn firsthand about a traumatized people.

Perilous Pilgrimage: The purported tomb of the prophet Nahum is housed in in an abandoned synagogue, the last Jewish structure still standing in Northern Iraq.

Praying at A Jewish Tomb in Shadow of ISIS

The quiet Iraqi village of Al Qosh, thought to house the tomb of a Jewish prophet, lies only 34 miles from the headquarters of ISIS. Benjamin Kweskin traveled there over Shavuot. This is what he found.