American Reform and Conservative Jews Hail Western Wall's 'Liberation'

American Reform and Conservative leaders are cheering the historic deal to create egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall. They say it’s the first serious step toward honoring Israel’s commitment to religious plurality — but why is it bigger news in the Diaspora than in Israel?


Non-Orthodox, Diaspora Leaders — and Bibi — Praise Western Wall Deal

A chorus of non-Orthodox and Diaspora leaders praised the landmark interdenominational compromise on the Western Wall.

Western Wall Prayer Fight Ends With Historic Compromise

Israel’s government has approved a compromise to expand the non-Orthodox Jewish prayer section of the Western Wall, putting to rest the decades-long fight between Women of the Wall and Israel’s haredi Orthodox religious establishment.


Dafna Meir’s Very Orthodox Battle for Birth Control — Cut Short by Terror Slaying

Dafna Meir was more than just a devoted wife, mom of six, and victim of a terrifying terror attack in a West Bank settlement. Naomi Zeveloff reports she spearheaded a fertility awareness movement — and even ran a secret “diaphragm underground” for Orthodox women.


Michael Douglas and Natan Sharansky Make Odd Couple on College Pro-Israel Road Show

Michael Douglas, who grew up in a secular family, has embarked on a campus speaking tour with Natan Sharansky, the famed former Soviet dissident. Can these two very different figures team up to make skeptical college students support Israel?

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