Netanyahu Said to Recruit Hard-Liner Lieberman, Forgoing Labor Union

The unity government was about to form: Likud and Labor, right and left, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and opposition leader Isaac Herzog. Then, according to media reports, Netanyahu swung to the right and instead embraced an old partner: Avigdor Lieberman,


Who Was Prominent Dallas Lawyer Ira Tobolowsky — and Did ‘Jihad’ Man Want Him Dead?

A prominent Jewish Dallas lawyer who died in a “suspicious” fire, reportedly received an email threatening to kill him and was involved in a contentious defamation case involving a revenge-bent man before he was found dead Friday morning.


Will Israel’s Labor Party Eat Its Young To Join Bibi’s Right-Wing Government?

As Israeli opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog deliberates over whether to join the right-wing governing coalition, he risks losing a passionate cohort of the party: the youth.

‘Lost Tribe King’ from Togo Embraced by Orthodox Rabbis in Israel

Francois A. Ayi describes himself as an African king and a descendant of one of the Lost Tribes. He wants the Israeli Ministry of Religious Affairs to recognize his people as a Lost Tribe, and some Orthodox rabbis are backing him.


Jonathan Sarna Overcomes Health Scares To Maintain Perch as Rock Star Jewish Historian

When Jonathan Sarna was diagnosed with esophageal cancer in 1999 at the age of 44, it changed his life.

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