Did Yeshiva Give Away Millions in Deal To Unload Einstein Medical School?

Yeshiva U. trumpeted a plan to offload its money-losing medical school. But documents obtained by the Forward suggest the flagship Modern Orthodox institution may have given away millions more to close the deal than it claimed.


As Berlin Opens Arms to Refugees, Why Are German Jews Silent?

From makeshift welcome centers to clothing drives in trendy boutiques. Berlin is opening its arms to a flood of refugees. But A.J. Goldmann reports Germany’s Jews have mostly stayed silent.


Camp Gilboa Still Building Socialist Zionism in Southern California Mountains

Camp Gilboa, a 79-year-old socialist summer camp east of Los Angeles has seen its ups and down. But now it seems to be on the rise again.


Why Jeremy Corbyn Scares British Jews So Much

Jeremy Corbyn has come out of left-wing obscurity to become the next leader of Britain’s opposition Labour Party — and British Jewry is worried.


Donald Trump's Rise Sparks Widespread Angst Among Jewish Republicans

Donald Trump’s meteoric rise has plenty of mainstream Republicans worried. Jewish GOP backers have their own special concerns about his populist message, which they fear could easily morph into old-fashioned anti-Semitism.

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