What This French Rabbi Wants You to Know About the Paris Attacks

In the aftermath of the Paris terror attacks, French Jews are wondering: what’s next? Rabbi Delphine Horvilleur describes the mood in the community and the continued need for interfaith dialogue.


Richard Joel Scores $1.6M Payout Amid Deep Yeshiva Fiscal Crisis

As Yeshiva University’s finances continued to crumble last year, Richard Joel trumpeted his plans to take a pay cut. Months later, the school’s president quietly pocketed a deferred compensation payment of $1.6 million.


Israel Says Paris Attacks Prove Its Point About Terror — But Europe Disagrees

Israelis say the Paris terror attacks should push Europe to realize it is in a common fight against Islamic extremism. Unfortunately, Europe doesn’t seem to feel the same way.


As Releaase Nears, Jonathan Pollard Shielded From Public Embrace He Once Sought

Jonathan Pollard spent three decades seeking public support for his fight to win freedom. Now that he is finally nearing release, the convicted spy’s family and supporters are trying to shield him from public attention.


When Israel Demolishes a Palestinian Home, Does It Deter Terror or Encourage It?

In light of the upsurge of terror attacks, the Israeli government is resuming its practice of destroying terrorist’s homes. But a recent example suggests that the controversial tactic may backfire. Here’s why.

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