Yeshiva U. Students Back Donald Trump in Poll — Women Even More Than Men

A new survey suggests that at least one type of young woman prefers Trump: Orthodox Jewish college students.


Celebrity Rabbi, Asked to Pray for GOP, Picks Mourner’s Prayer

They tried to support other candidates, then they did their best to block him. But nothing helped.


Donald Trump Jr. Emerges as ‘Alt-Right’ Hero Even as Dad Tones Down Rhetoric

As Donald Trump has slowed his signals to white supremacists, Trump Jr. takes the torch.


Sheldon Adelson Snubs Donald Trump With $5M Donation — Far Cry From $100M Promise

Republican megadonor Sheldon Adelson finally opened his checkbook and began to sign checks to Republicans. The good news for Donald Trump? One of them has his name on it. The bad news? It’s for only $5 million.


Where Jewish Students Date One Another and 5 Other Things About Chabad on Campus

Fifteen years ago, most Jewish college students had one game in town: their local Hillel, which offered a pluralistic, broad approach to Jewish programming.

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