Hundreds Gather In Tel Aviv to Show Solidarity after Paris Attacks

Hundreds of Israelis came to show solidarity with France this Saturday, after Friday’s tragic terror attacks.


How Norman Sugarman Became $50B Godfather of Charitable Funds

If you asked most people why the year 1969 was important in American life, few would mention that year’s federal Tax Reform Act. But Norman Sugarman’s fingerprints on that document may have had as much of a lasting effect on this country’s history as Neil Armstrong’s feet on the moon.

Sweeping Generational Change Looms as Leaders of Jewish Groups Near Retirement

Up to 90% of Jewish non-profits may need to find new top leaders in the next seven years. What will that kind of sweeping generational change mean for the federations and other communal heavy-hitters?


After 4 Decades, Jewish Dialogue With Orthodox Christians Still Shaky

For two days, 38 leading Jewish and Orthodox Christian clerics and scholars sat in a hotel outside the Greek capital for a rare dialogue on relations between the two ancient faiths.


Holocaust Survivors Go Hungry as Israel Court Battle Locks Up Cash

Rachela Segal and her husband, Strul Segal, elderly Holocaust survivors living outside Tel Aviv, haven’t eaten chicken or fruit for weeks. At the market, they now even find it hard to afford to buy vegetables. “So I buy less, and Grade B. I go to buy vegetables, and 100 shekels flies,” Rachela Segal said.

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