A Former Forward Writer May Face Criminal Trial For Exposing Poland’s Defense Minister

When Thomasz Piatek’s publisher released his explosive book last month about Poland’s defense minister, the well-known investigative journalist was braced for a defamation suit.

Christian Zionists Still Uncertain About Trump — But They’re Glad He’s Not Obama

“In President Trump, America once again has a leader who will stand with our allies and stand up to our enemies,” Mike Pence told the CUFI conference.

ACLU Urges Senators To Reject Anti-BDS Bill

The bill, which was written with the help of AIPAC, would fine companies who comply with boycotts of Israel sponsored by international organizations.

Netanyahu Privately Admits He Has Doubts About Trump’s Peace Push

The Israeli PM privately told French President Emmanuel Macron that “it will be difficult to push forward quickly with the American initiative.”

Supreme Court Gives Israel Two Months To Rethink Gay Adoption Policy

Gay couples are currently only allowed to adopt children for whom a heterosexual couple cannot be found.

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