At Obama’s Last Hanukkah Party, Jewish Dems Say a Sad Goodbye

Obama will host his final Hanukkah party on December 14. Donald Trump will likely maintain the tradition, but with a whole new list of Jewish inviteees.

‘Alt Right’ Leader Ties White Supremacy to Zionism — Leaves Rabbi Speechless

A prominent leader of the “alt-right” left a Hillel rabbi speechless Tuesday when he drew a direct parallel between white supremacy and Jewish resistance to assimilation and Zionism.


Military Service Is What Makes Israeli Men Modern-Day Methusalehs: Study

An Israeli researcher has a surprising theory as to why Israeli men live so long: military service.


Andrew Cuomo’s Anti-BDS Blacklist Fizzles — but Critics Push Back Anyway

New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s blacklist of firms that support the BDS movement seems to have fizzled, with the release of a list of all targeted companies that includes no American firms and no firms that currently do business with New York State.


Five Jews Who Help Make Christmas the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

David Duke insists Jews are behind the war on Christmas, but Irving Berlin, Natalie Portman and Jesus say otherwise.

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