Samuel Lewis, Man of Uncommon Judgment, Gone When We Need Him Most

Sam Lewis was not just another career diplomat, especially when it came to Israel. Aaron David Miller says America has lost a man of uncommon judgment when we need him most.

Is Vladimir Putin's Embrace of Jews for Real — or Political Show?

Vladimir Putin is embracing Russian Jewry as never before. Is the warmth real — or the result of a cold geopolitical calculus?

Jewish Traveler Cheats Death by Skipping Malaysia Flight on Shabbat

The owner of a travel site claims a Jewish air traveler cheated death when he decided not to fly on Shabbat — and avoided being on board doomed Malaysia Airlines flight 370.


Israel's Grip on Evangelical Christians Loosens

Born-again Christians have been reliably pro-Israel. But a younger generation of evangelicals is taking a more balanced view as pro-Palestinian groups make inroads.


Bitcoin Bites the Dust at Baltimore Shul After MtGox Goes Bust

A small Baltimore synagogue that had pioneered use of bitcoin has decided to stop accepting the virtual currency after a leading exchange went belly up.

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