Lift Restrictions: Reps. Jim McDermott (left) and Keith Ellison sponsored effort to ease blockade on movement of civilian goods.

Congressional Letter To End Gaza Blockade Splits Activists

A congressional letter calling on the United States to press for the lifting of the blockades imposed by Israel and Egypt on Gaza has sparked controversy within the Jewish community.

?For the Good of the Children?: Avraham Frank says the students of P.S. 191 benefit from a moment of silence.

Evangelist for Silence Promotes a Quiet Gift

A disadvantaged Brooklyn school observes a morning ritual conceived by a Hasidic Jew heeding the Lubavitcher’s Rebbe’s call for a moment of silence in public schools.

Where to Wed? Maxim and Alina Serjukov had to register their intention to marry in the village of Beer Tuvia after the top rabbi in their hometown of Ashkelon rejected her conversion.

Jewish in Tel Aviv, Gentile in Ashkelon

In Tel Aviv, where she works, Alina Serjukov is Jewish. In Ashkelon, where she lives, she’s considered a gentile.

Gentle Persuasion: A delegation of Orthodox constituents and other Jewish leaders met with Rep. Yvette Clarke (D-Brooklyn) Feb. 1 and convinced her to renounce her support for a congressional letter calling on President Obama to press Israel to ease its blockade of civilian goods and raw materials moving in and out of Gaza.

Congresswoman Rues Signing Gaza Letter

In the strongest sign so far of pushback against dovish Jewish groups, a New York congresswoman representing an ultra-Orthodox constituency retracted her support from congressional initiatives meant to ease the pressure on Palestinians in Gaza.

Slalom: Israeli skier Mikail Renzhin competes in 2008 at the FIS Skiing World Cup in Val d?Isere, France.

Against All Odds, Israel Hopes for Medals at Winter Games

With only one major ice rink and a mountain that would never be confused with the Alps, Israel is being buffeted by opposing forces as it prepares to send a small delegation of athletes to the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.