Bernard Lander, Touro College Founder, Dies at 94

Rabbi Bernard Lander, the founder and president of Touro College, died February 8 of congestive heart failure at his home in Queens, the college has announced. He was 94.


Poland’s Radio Maryja Known For Its Bigotry, and Its Influence

Radio Maryja is a source of embarrassment to many Poles, but the diatribes from this radio station, intermingled with lengthy prayer sessions, are heard by millions of listeners each day.

Two Sides: In Sderot (above) and Gaza, both sides cite damage. Click to view larger.

Israel, Hamas Respond Differently to Goldstone

Meeting a deadline of February 5 set by the United Nations, Israel and Hamas have offered their responses to what has become known as the Goldstone Report, the controversial 547-page investigation of the Gaza incursion in 2008-09 that accused both combatants of war crimes.

Accusation: A group called Im Tirtzu ran this advertisement blaming NIF President Naomi Chazan for the Goldstone Report.

Embattled New Israel Fund Fights Back

Under attack as a subversive, anti-Israel group, the New Israel Fund, the largest financial supporter of human rights groups in Israel, has opted to respond by rallying supporters of a progressive agenda in Israel.

Copernicus?s Birthplace: Torun, a medieval town of 200,000, reflects a Poland poised between an identity that is xenophobic and defensive about its past, and another more open to the world and willing to explore some of its own difficult and sensitive history.

Polish City Displays Two Faces to Its Few Jews

Instructors at a ground-breaking college in Torun like Maksymin Tandek teach Poles Jewish subjects, while two miles away a popular radio program’s broadcasts demonize gays and Jews.