In Chicago, Poles and Jews Come Together for Lodz

A commemoration in Chicago marking 70 years since the liquidation of the Lodz ghetto offers American Jews and Polish Americans the chance to find common ground.


Muslim Girls Arrested for Plotting To Blow Up Synagogue in France

Two teenage Muslim girls were arrested for planning a suicide bomb attack on the Great Synagogue of Lyon in France.


How Gaza War Puts Hebrew Language on Front Lines

The Gaza war has turned Hebrew into a battleground as ordinary Israelis adopt military euphemisms to describe everything from captured soldiers to the war itself, Gon Ben-Ari writes.


Islamist Rise Could Drive Arab Moderates Closer to Israel

Between the war in Gaza and gains by Islamic militants, there’s plenty of cause these days for pessimism about the Middle East. But there’s also some good news for Israel.


Henry Waxman Retirement Marks End of Era in Los Angeles Politics

When Rep. Henry Waxman retires this year, his 46-year career will end. It will also draw the curtain on a generation of Jewish politicians in Los Angeles.

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