Celebrating High Holy Days in Afghanistan

Military rabbis help Jews serving in Afghanistan to observe the High Holy Days. The kiddush is conducted with grape juice out of sensitivity to the country’s Muslim culture.


Lithuania Tries to Heal Rift Over Holocaust

Lithuania announced a plan to showcase its Jewish heritage at a YIVO event. The moves didn’t satisfy critics, who accuse the Baltic nation of whitewashing its involvement in the Holocaust.


Utah's Jews Prefer Jon Huntsman

Utah’s Jews appreciated former governor Jon Huntsman (right) as a ‘Jack Mormon,’ one who is not overtly religious. That gives him an edge over GOP rival Mitt Romney (left), who wears his faith on his sleeve.


Orthodox Women Push Limits of Modesty

Young Orthodox Jewish women are pushing the boundaries of tznius, or modest dress, with an exposed collar bone here, a shorter skirt there. But how sexy is too sexy?


U.N. UPDATE: Bibi Says Israel Wants Peace

U.N. UPDATE: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejects Palestinian statehood bid. He declares Israel wants peace through negotiations.

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