Heir to The Austrian Throne And His Wife Are Shot

The imperial couple was on a tour of the Bosnian province that Austria had won from Turkey six years earlier. A young Serbian student was the shooter.

The Role Jews Play in the War in Facts and Figures

Jews play no small role in the current war. The following list enumerates the number of Jewish soldiers in the various European regular armies.

Letters from War-Torn Europe

What can I tell you about Vilna, whatever it is will only be one trop in a sea of great troubles and misfortunes that this war has brought upon us.

Czar Nicholas II Writes a Letter to the Forverts’ Bintel Brief

Czar Nicholas II took time out from being the autocratic leader of the Russian empire to writing a letter to the Yiddish Forward’s Bintel Brief column.

My Beloved America, I Don't Recognize You!

Our country has taken up arms. Bloody questions marks hover above us. What are we fighting for? Why aren’t we heeding our holy credo to stop the bloodshed?

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