Gays Debate 'Pinkwashing' as N.Y. Center Reverses Ban on Israel-Related Events

A prominent backer of the claim that Israel uses its record on gay rights to ‘pinkwash’ mistreatment of Palestinians has won the right to speak at a major New York LGBT center.


Jewish Candidates Skip New York Mayor's Race, But Crowd Vies in Los Angeles

For the first time in recent memory, there are no Jews among the mayoral contenders in New York. But in Los Angeles, three top candidates all have Jewish family ties.

The Forward Says Good-Bye to Mister Katz

Just one member of the Forward’s staff is always called ‘mister.’ Not publisher Samuel Norich, nor board chairman Jacob Morowitz, but copy editor Louis Katz.


Israelis Win Asylum in U.S. — But Mostly Not for Politics

A strange mix of Israelis win asylum in the U.S., meaning a judge rules they have reason to fear persecution at home. They include Palestinians, gays and domestic violence victims.


Ultra-Orthodox Jews Spread Into Once-Black Brooklyn Neighborhoods

The explosive growth of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish population is forcing them to spread to traditionally black and Latino neighborhoods of Brooklyn.

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