Obama's Jewish Team Has 2012 Plan

The president’s Jewish outreach team and donors have been talking weekly to map strategy. They want to counter GOP attacks that his support for Israel is soft.


Shelly Yachimovich Started Protesting at Early Age

At 15, Shelly Yachimovich was expelled from school for denouncing the principal. As the newly elected head of Israel’s Labor Party, she’s up against far more more powerful forces.


Jewish Photographer’s Work Debuts at Islamic Center Near Ground Zero

Danny Goldfield shot photos of children from 169 countries. His show at the Park51 Islamic center offered a quiet opening for the so-called Ground Zero mosque.


Rick Perry Wins Over Right-Wing Jews

GOP candidate Rick Perry has support among Orthodox Jews who share his social conservatism. Some of his backers oppose any compromise over land with the Palestinians.


Wall Street Protest Can't Match Israeli Tent Cities, For Now

A veteran of Israel’s tent city demonstrations visits the Occupy Wall Street rally. Could it spread like the Israeli social justice movement?

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