Shelley Berkley Takes Chance on Senate

With control of the Senate at stake, Rep. Shelley Berkley is running for a seat from Nevada, a crucial swing state. What role will her nemesis Sheldon Adelson play?

ZOA Faces Doubts About Management

The Zionist Organization of America’s board backed Morton Klein despite doubts about the group’s management. One board member says he hasn’t seen a budget in four years.


Obama and Netanyahu in Tight Spot on Iran

NEWS ANALYSIS: Barack Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu are in a place neither wanted to be: squabbling about Iran ahead of an American presidential election.


App-arently, It Could Be Easier to Grab a Cab

New York City is searching for an official app to make it easier to catch a yellow cab. Not surprisingly, several of the top contenders for the coveted online spot are run by Jews.

Democrats Have History in Jewish Vote Fight

In the battle for Jewish votes this November, President Barack Obama and the Democrats have history on their side. But the GOP has a financial edge.

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