From Gettysburg to Ground Zero, ‘Sacred Space’ Debated

On a recent afternoon, a group of puzzled Italian tourists gathered beneath a scaffold at the corner of Greenwich and Liberty streets as a light rain fell over Lower Manhattan.


Florida’s Jews Face Stark Choice In Senate Race

Florida’s Senate Democratic primary on August 24 is presenting residents of the mostly Jewish condominium communities of South Florida, and many other Floridians, with an unusually stark choice: a longtime Democrat who for some represents old politics, and a newcomer who brings to the race a fresh face, piles of cash and a Jewish mother vouching for her son in TV campaign ads.

I’ll Take Belgian Waffles With My Falafel, Please

At lunchtime on a street corner on the west side of Manhattan, a spot not typically known for its cuisine, people with palates from East and West line the sidewalk for one thing — falafel.

New Israel Fund Considering Red Lines

The New Israel Fund, the target of attacks by right-wing organizations accusing it of supporting anti-Zionist groups, is discussing the possibility of specifying in its guidelines that grants will be given only to groups that accept the idea of Israel as a Jewish homeland.

Battle for Jewish Votes In a Florida Race That Threatens To Oust Incumbent

A race in one of the country’s most heavily Jewish congressional districts is pitting an incumbent Jewish Democrat against a rising Republican star.

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