Many Claim Membership But Few Pay Shul Dues

Far more people consider themselves members of synagogues than actually pay dues. A survey suggests people may have believe they are part of congregations, without actually belonging.


Sami Rohr, Philanthropist Who 'Invested' Millions in the Jewish People

Sami Rohr gave an eye-popping $250 million to Jewish causes, including Chabad. The philanthropist, who died Aug. 5, saw his role as an ‘investor’ in the Jewish people.

Shomrim Don't Want Police To See Security Video

Leaders of an Orthodox security patrol in Leiby Kletzky’s Brooklyn neighborhood don’t want police to see new security video. They want to deal with some crimes quietly.


After Year, Leiby Kletzky Murder Still Hurts

The abduction and murder of Leiby Kletzky shook the insular ultra-Orthodox Jewish neighborhood of Boro Park, Brooklyn. One year later, the impact is still being felt.


Chicago's Doomed Hero of Lake Michigan

Donald Liu, a prominent Jewish Chicago pediatric surgeon, drowned in Lake Michigan in an effort to save two children. He was remembered as a remarkable doctor and selfless hero.

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