Dead Sea Drying Fast, a Sign of Trouble

Climate change and overuse of the Jordan River is causing the Dead Sea to dry up faster than anyone thought possible. The contraction could spark conflict.


Tsirl Waletzky, Papercutting Pioneer, Dies at 90

One of the major artists of the American Yiddish cultural world and an innovator in the art of Jewish papercutting, Tsirl Waletzky, died on December 8 at the age of 90.


Orthodox Push for Own Districts

Orthodox Jews want a state Senate district of their own in Brooklyn. It could benefit Republicans seeking to break the Democratic connection with Jewish voters.


GOP Jabs at State Department on Israel

Seeking traction with Jewish voters, Republicans have made Hillary Clinton’s State Department a prime target. They portray it as a bastion of pro-Arab sentiment, a claim experts dispute.


Lynn Margulis, Radical Biologist

When I met biologist Lynn Margulis, she spoke with such authority and passion, that I immediately dubbed her “Rabbi Lynn.” She would have laughed at that.

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