Cops Nab Brooklyn Hasidic Synagogue Coffee Room Crook

Police arrested a Brooklyn man for allegedly swiping a moneybox from a synagogue coffee room in Boro Park.

Andrew Sachs, Played Bumbling Spanish Waiter on ‘Fawlty Towers,’ Dies at 86

Andrew Sachs, a British comedy actor best known for his role as the hapless Spanish waiter on the ’70s television sitcom ‘Fawlty Towers,; has died at 86.

ADL Says Keith Ellison’s Taped Comments on Israel ‘Disqualify’ Him From Democratic Post

In a 2010 recording, Ellison is heard saying American policy in the Middle East is “governed” by Israel


Sofiya Romm’s Journey From Russia to a Barely Findable American Grave

“We get $800 per month. With rent and everything, to save $10,000 is pretty hard,” said Romm’s daughter-in-law, Vera Romm. “The Jewish community paid for the funeral. But when we wanted to put in a gravestone, they told us that we’d have to pay back for the cost of the funeral, too, which made the gravestone very expensive.”

Anger Boils Over as Hillary Clinton Aides Accuse Donald Trump of Using Anti-Semitic ‘Dog Whistles’

Hillary Clinton campaign aides angrily accused their counterparts from Donald Trump’s team of fanning racism and using anti-Semitic “dog whistles” to win the presidential election.

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