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Irreconcilable Differences?: Obama and Netanyahu, from the days when they were talking to each other.

Between Obama and Netanyahu, It's Personal

As the rift between President Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu grows wider, J.J. Goldberg stops to ask how much is the result of policy differences and how much is simply personal.

Say You Wanna Revolution? Israeli Black Panthers demonstrate for social justice in 1971.

When Israel's Sephardic Black Panthers Used Passover To Decry Jewish 'Racism'

Israel’s own Black Panthers once latched onto the Passover story to challenge Ashkenazi domination. The radicals issued their own Haggadah, which mentioned strikes and injustice — but not God.

The Ritual: The Seder is a chance to instill in our children and grandchildren the realization that they are not mere independent individuals but rather parts of a people.

The Seder Is a Mother

Even though it’s often men who lead the Seder in traditional Jewish families, Avi Shafran believes that the Seder itself is maternal in its quality and purpose.

Eric Greitens

Jewish Navy SEAL Vet Jumps into Missouri Governor’s Race

Ex-Navy Seal Eric Greitens is plunging into the GOP primary for Missouri governor — the same race shaken by the suicide of a candidate dogged by an anti-Jewish ‘whisper campaign.’