17 Jewish Activists Protesting Israeli Occupation Arrested at ADL Headquarters

If Not Now activists celebrated a Passover meal in the lobby of the Anti-Defamation League to protest the Israeli occupation of Palestine.


Orthodox Shomrim Patrol Faces New Questions After Brooklyn Bribery Scandal

Questions about an ultra-Orthodox security patrol’s outsized influence in some Brooklyn neighborhoods have been simmering for years. A sprawling FBI investigation into corrupt relationships between Jewish community activists and the police has raised the concerns to a boil.


How Old-Fashioned Politicking Swung New York Jewish Vote — Not Israel Debate

Did Bernie Sanders’s harsh criticism of Israel cost him the New York Jewish vote? Or perhaps the turmoil over his firing of his Jewish outreach director on the eve of the vote?


6 Jewish Anti-Occupation Protestors Arrested at Boston AIPAC Office

Six young Jews were arrested Tuesday night at AIPAC’s Boston office after they chained themselves to a Seder table in protest of the organization’s support of Israel.


PHOTO ESSAY: At Israeli Detention Center, African Refugees Hold a Seder

A week before Passover started, 3,000 African refugees in Israel celebrated their own seder to protest the detention center that holds them.

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