Jews Stream Back to Germany

Decades after the Holocaust, thousands of Israelis, Jews from the former Soviet Union and even many Americans are actively choosing German citizenship.


Supermarkets Battle Over Israeli Matzo

Supermarkets have long sold matzo at a loss to lure Jews into the store for Passover shopping. What happens when Israeli matzo undercuts the Pesach competition?

Immigrants Celebrate Special Israeli Seder

Why was the night of April 4 different from all other nights in Tel Aviv? Because some illegal immigrants used a Seder to mark their own story of escape from destitution.


Social Issues Drive Jews To Back Obama

JEWISH VOTE 2012: President Obama has a large lead among Jews, who are more concerned with economic and social issues than they are with Israel, a new poll says.


Obama Celebrates Message of Passover

President Obama sent out an annual Passover greeting in which he discusses the universal message of the Seder. He’s also looking forward to matzo-ball soup.

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