Gay Marchers Spark Celebrate Israel Parade Boycott Threat

An Orthodox activist has launched an effort to boycott New York’s Celebrate Israel parade for allowing gay and lesbian groups to participate, despite a reported agreement among Orthodox yeshivas not to object to the gay groups.


One Giant Step for Israel as Company Plots Moon Launch

Israel has nurtured a reputation as a high-tech hub. A company called SpaceIL is taking things one giant step forward with a plan to land a sabra spaceship on the moon.


Israelis Chafe Under Orthodox Grip on Marriage, Divorce and Conversion

To get married in Israel, Dima Motel had to bring his family photo album and two of his ancestors’ birth certificates to a rabbinical court.


Southern Jews a Dying Breed as Small-Town Communities Dwindle Fast

Small but vibrant communities of Jews have lived in small towns scattered across the Deep South for generations. Many of them are disappearing for good.


Can $1 Million Genesis Prize Inspire Jews Year After Year?

Created to inspire the Jewish future, the $1 million Genesis Prize will be awarded annually to an exceptional Jewish individual. But some critics question whether that’s money well spent.

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