Henrique Capriles, Venezuela Leader With Jewish Roots, Battles Chavez Legacy

Challenging Hugo Chavez was a Herculean task for Henrique Capriles, Venezuela’s opposition leader with Jewish roots. Defeating his anointed heir may be just as hard.


Chuck Hagel, Confirmation Battle Over, Gets Down To Business With Israel

The heated debate over Chuck Hagel’s nomination was bruising. Now that Hagel’s in charge at the Pentagon, old feuds are being set aside in favor of getting back to business.


Palestinians Pressured To Leave 'Area C' of Occupied West Bank by Israel

Israel is pressing Palestinians to leave the so-called Area C of the West Bank. Is it a prelude to formally annexing this section of occupied territory?


Rabbi Menachem Froman's Unique Legacy of Jewish-Muslim Coexistence

Rabbi Menachem Froman was an absolute original. A founding member of a hardline settlers group, he maintained deep friendships with Palestinian leaders and radical Islamists.

Lower East Side Development Spells Decline of Old Jewish Power Brokers

After decades of delay, the development of a valuable tract of land on the Lower East Side signals the decline of traditional Jewish power brokers in the fast-changing neighborhood.

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