Conservatives Get New Leader Amid Calls for Overhaul

Conservative Judaism is being roiled by potentially tectonic changes that could lead to both new leadership for the movement and structural changes in how the movement’s organizations work.

Just Deserts? As disgraced financier Bernard Madoff (center) awaits sentencing, his victims try to imagine a punishment that would fit the crime.

Cleaning Toilets, and Other Victim Fantasies

What would be a fair punishment for Bernard Madoff?

Protest: Members of L.A.?s Orthodox community at a rally March 9 for a woman they claim was not granted a Jewish divorce.

Protesters Rally Outside a Home as Debate Continues Over Best Get Tactics

On the day known as Ta’anit Esther — when observant Jews fast before Purim — more than 150 members of Los Angeles’s close-knit Orthodox community gathered for a protest rally outside the family home of a man they claim has refused to grant his wife a Jewish divorce, known as a get. They chanted and prayed, and held signs that read “Stop the Abuse” and “Give Your Wife a Get.”

After the Uprising: Tylbor traveled, translated books and taught sociology and linguistics.

Henry Tylbor, 79, Child Survivor of Ghetto Uprising

Henry Tylbor, one of the youngest survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising and a survivor of Auschwitz and Budzin, died February 24 of complications from Parkinson’s disease. He was 79.

Citing Economy, New York’s Federation Slashes Jobs

The UJA-Federation of New York, the world’s largest local philanthropy, has fired 52 people, 11% of its total staff