Counter-Culture's Paul Krassner Nears 80

Paul Krassner still does stand-up comedy, though now it’s with a cane. And he still plays a ‘now-I-am-now-I-ain’t’ peek-a-boo with his Jewish identity.


Interfaith Effort Boosts Latin Ties

The Toulouse rampage focused attention on relations between Jews and Muslims in Europe, but the groups are seeking to improve ties in Latin America.

Baltimore Paper Goes on Auction Block

The Baltimore Jewish Times has been breaking stories and winning prizes for nearly a century. Now the bankrupt paper is going on the auction block.

J Street Swims Upstream in Election Year

In an election year, J Street is having trouble pushing its pro-peace message on Israel. With even allies tacking to the right, J Street is targeting its message to liberal Democrats.


Collectors Bid for Million-Dollar Shekel

A single silver shekel from a famed ancient revolt stole the spotlight at a recent New York coin auction. The price: a cool $1.1 million.

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