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DISASTER PLANNING: Officials from kosher meat companies and kosher certifiers confer about meat supply during Kosherfest 2008.

With Meat in Short Supply, Anxiety Abounds at Kosher Convention

At first glance, the crowded exhibition hall of Kosherfest 2008 seemed to have everything a kosher consumer could want, from candy to blintzes to Jewish-themed toilet covers. But perhaps the most notable item at this year’s annual kosher food industry trade show was one that, on closer inspection, was distinctly lacking — kosher meat.

A TEMPORARY HOME: Jose Ordonez, left, and Jose Muh-Exan, former workers at the Agriprocessors kosher slaughterhouse, sit in the Postville, Iowa, apartment they have occupied since being released from prison.

After Jail, Agriprocessors Workers Face a Difficult Journey

When Gabriel Calicio was released from prison, five months after being arrested on immigration charges at the nation’s largest kosher slaughterhouse, his only possession was the prison-issued blue jumpsuit he was wearing.

LIEBERMAN: The Connecticut senator is facing a backlash due to his support for the candidacy of John McCain.

Two Jewish McCain Backers, Two Fates

At a time when a record number of Jews will serve in the next Congress, two of the most prominent Jewish lawmakers on Capitol Hill find their careers and influence heading in opposite directions.

NEW VOWS: Weddings like this in Israel have always ocurred under the authority of the Orthodox chief rabbinate, but that may change.

A (Limited) Promise of Marriage in Israel

The promise of marriage may not be the most conventional commitment to make during an election, but Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni has decided that it will prove a winning formula in Israel.

Seminary Heads Join Rare Event

With the rhetoric of national unity still hanging in the postelection air, the leaders of the flagship seminaries of the three largest Jewish movements met in a rare joint appearance.