Israel Plans to Target Radical Islam Offshoot Once Gaza Is Done

Two decades ago, Israel’s Islamic Movement divided into two groups, one moderate and another radical. Once it finishes with Gaza, Israel plans a major crackdown on the radicals.

Son of Israeli Evangelist Dies in Malaysia Airlines Shoot-Down Over Ukraine

A 27-year-old Israeli was among the 298 victims who died when Malaysian airlines flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine.

Israelis Back Gaza Ground War — Despite Risks

Despite fears of significant injuries and deaths among their soldiers, the Israeli public is strongly supportive of Israel’s ground operation in Gaza, and leaders across most of the political pectrum lined up behind the push.


Nazi 'Perfect Aryan' Baby Was Actually Jewish

Hessy Taft became a Nazi poster child after her portrait won a contest seeking the perfect Aryan baby. There was one detail the Third Reich overlooked: she’s Jewish.


British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg Blasts Israel for Gaza 'Collective Punishment'

Israel’s retaliatory air strikes on Gaza have been “deliberately disproportionate” and amount to “collective punishment”, Britain’s Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg said on Thursday, in unusually robust criticism of a close British ally

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