Top Genocide Scholars Battle Over How To Characterize Israel’s Actions

Did Jews commit genocide in 1948? The question is provocative, and the answer for most people is an unequivocal no. But a debate over this idea has formed the crux of a heated argument among the most eminent genocide scholars in the world, and led recently to the censure of an Israeli professor by the field’s leading academic association.


USCJ Wants To Bring ‘Indie Minyans’ Into the Fold. But Will They Join?

In a bid to revitalize its aging and shrinking congregations, Conservative Judaism is embarking on an effort to draw prayer groups from the burgeoning independent minyan scene into the Conservative fold. But it’s far from clear if the prayer groups are interested in what the Conservative movement is selling.


Zev Yaroslavsky: From Soviet Jewry Activist to L.A. Mayor?

The movement to free Soviet Jewry was just heating up in 1971 when Zev Yaroslavsky and a crew of co-conspirators steered a rented motorboat across Los Angeles Harbor, attached themselves with a pair of toilet plungers to the hull of a Soviet freighter and, with hasty strokes of spray paint, delivered a seaborne message to the Kremlin: “Let Jews Go.”


Hebrew-Language Charter Schools Overcome Stigma and Plan To Proliferate

Hebrew charter schools are not going away. Enthusiasm for these publicly funded institutions, which are aimed at immersing a diverse group of students in Hebrew, is rising with the general tide of support for charter schools all over the country. They appear determined to ride out any controversy they may have provoked and prove they are true public schools rather than religious schools hiding behind foreign-language clothing.


Journalist-Author Philip Gourevitch — Former Forward Staffer — Honored by France

“You are a man of books and stories,” said Antonin Baudry, cultural counselor of the French Embassy in New York, as he introduced Philip Gourevitch, recipient of France’s Order of Arts and Letters, at the January 31 ceremony held at the Cultural Services of the French Embassy. “You are a voice not only for France, but Europe… a correspondent in Asia, Europe, Africa, Siberia, Cambodia… the Iraqi War…. You first worked for the Forward, before working as a freelance writer.”

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