NAMESAKE: Rabbi Marc meets Rabbi Marc.

The Rabbi That Roared

What do you get the man who has everything for his 50th birthday? A 400-pound endangered Asian lion, of course.

Concern, Criticism Follow Venezuelan Synagogue Attack

International Jewish groups expressed concern after an attack on a Caracas synagogue, blaming President Hugo Chavez for creating an atmosphere of hate in Venezuela.

For Group of Gaza Children, a Vacation Thwarted

In a reversal of the usual fight over border crossings — with Gaza’s rulers demanding they be opened and Israel refusing — Hamas has stopped a group of children crossing to Israel for a therapeutic vacation.

Gaza Rebuilding Sparks Contest Among Israel, Hamas and Palestinian Authority

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are vying to head the reconstruction efforts in Gaza. Many in Israel are hoping that the reconstruction will be led by the P.A., which will be strengthened by getting credit for the estimated $2 billion effort.

HE WAS TRUSTED: Ezri Namvar lost the life savings of many in L.A.?s Iranian Jewish community.

Iranian Jews Hurt by One of Their Own

In recent months, the broader American Jewish community has reeled from the financial tsunami wrought by Bernard Madoff, the alleged perpetrator of a $50 billion Ponzi scheme that stripped the coffers of Jewish charities and wiped out the savings of individuals from New York to Florida. Meanwhile, Beverly Hills-based Iranian-Jewish community has grappled with its own financial catastrophe in light of revelations that one of its own may have lost some $400 million of the community members’ money.