Sconces and Scrapbooks: A Visit to the Madoffs

We arrived, two scribes-for-hire, at the Madoff residence on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. “Queens High Baroque,” we said sotto voce in unison as we stepped off the elevator and into the vestibule of the Madoffs’ apartment. It was a wet day, and we quietly removed our galoshes.

Why the Jews? Debate Erupts Over How to Explain the Mumbai Terror

On December 5, just one week after terrorist atrocities left at least 180 dead in Mumbai, The Jewish Week of New York published a blistering editorial, consecrating the event as one more milestone in antisemitism.

U.N. Resolution Is Bush’s Last Attempt To Save Annapolis Peace Process

With its days in office running out, the Bush administration turned to the United Nations to put its imprimatur on the struggling peace initiative that the United States launched in Annapolis, Md., a little more than a year ago.

REBELS: Tom Cruise (left) leads other Nazi officers in a plot to kill Hitler in the film ?Valkyrie.? The descendants of one officer who got away are Jewish.

Failed Plot To Kill Hitler Leads to Feature Film — and a Rabbi in Boston

“Valkyrie,” the new film starring Tom Cruise as real-life German army officer Claus von Stauffenberg, culminates with a phalanx of German soldiers storming the Berlin military headquarters where Stauffenberg and his co-conspirators holed up after they believed they had killed Hitler. In a dramatic climax, Stauffenberg and his fellow officers who plotted the July 20, 1944, attempt on Hitler’s life — which, as they quickly found out, had been botched — are dragged outside and executed by a firing squad.

LIFESTYLES OF THE RICH AND RABBINICAL: A song by popular Orthodox singer Shauly Grossman spoofing unnamed rabbis sparked a furor after it was put on YouTube with visuals of identifiable Hasidic leaders.

So You Wanna Be a Rock ’n’ Rebbe Star?

Shauly Grossman didn’t plan on being an Internet rock star.