Focus on Domestic Issues at Transition Team’s Meeting With Jewish Leaders

Representatives of 29 Jewish groups met with members of the Obama transition team Thursday. While for the past eight years White House meetings with Jewish leaders focused mainly on foreign policy issues relating to Israel, the discussion with the Obama team this week was evenly divided between foreign and domestic issues.

‘Teflon’ Netanyahu Sidelines Feiglin

It seemed like a disaster for Likud party leader Benjamin Netanyahu when ultra-hawks triumphed in the party’s December 8 primary.

Tallying the Jewish Communal Losses

In the week since Bernard Madoff was arrested and accused of running one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history, hundreds of millions of dollars in losses to Jewish foundations and social service organizations have been totaled; two charities that backed mostly Jewish and Israeli causes have been shuttered.

Madoff Scandal Rips Apart Close World of Jewish Philanthropy

Back before he was disgraced for losing investors billions in a massive alleged Ponzi scheme, financial adviser Bernard Madoff offered his services with a soft sell.

Sconces and Scrapbooks: A Visit to the Madoffs

We arrived, two scribes-for-hire, at the Madoff residence on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. “Queens High Baroque,” we said sotto voce in unison as we stepped off the elevator and into the vestibule of the Madoffs’ apartment. It was a wet day, and we quietly removed our galoshes.