AGAINST ?BINARY? GENDER: Reuben Zellman was the first openly transgender applicant to the Reform movement?s Hebrew Union College rabbinic school.

Transgender Jews Now Out of Closet, Seeking Communal Recognition

When Elliot Kukla, a Reform rabbi, came out as transgender six months before his ordination in 2006, he never imagined how openly the Jewish community would be addressing transgender issues just three years later. This month, he is poised to address a West Coast regional conference of Reform rabbis on the subject, and even the elderly Jews that he works with in the Bay Area are largely accepting of his identity.

THE MASTER AT WORK: Krav Maga expert David Kahn (right) demonstrates how to subdue an adversary.

Israeli Martial Arts Gurus Duke It Out For Real

When grandmaster Haim Gidon, a top-ranking practitioner of the Israeli martial art of Krav Maga, entered a studio in New Jersey on a recent Monday, the 20-odd people in the room stopped pummeling each other and lined up like soldiers standing at attention. Gidon was visiting from Israel to give them advanced training, and the students — who included law enforcement officers, military personnel and Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter John Mayer — treated him like a commanding officer.

NEW VISION: Mik Moore of Jewish Funds for Justice says the group?s grass-roots fundraising strategy has taken on more urgency.

Charities Change Course After Madoff

In the wake of the ever-widening Madoff scandal, prominent Jewish fundraising experts are calling for a return to the days when Jewish charities engaged the entire community — not just an elite group of mega-donors.

Learning From Lebanon, Israel Sets Up Press Operation

Even as their surprise military campaign remained secret, Foreign Ministry officials scurried to put in place another dimension of modern warfare that they considered crucial to their success.

THE HORIZON: Smoke billows from a location that the Israel air force targeted in the Gaza Strip. Dovish Jewish groups have called for Israel to push for an immediate cease-fire in the Gaza conflict.

Dovish Jewish Groups Break Ranks, Call for Cease-Fire

Breaking ranks with most Jewish organizations, several dovish pro-Israel groups have come out against Israel’s military operation in Gaza and called on the United States to push for an immediate cease-fire.