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Election Day 2008: Morning Minyan, Midday Polling and Midnight Parties

Our far-flung Election Day correspondents report from Jewish communities across the country — with dispatches from California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York and Virginia.

Obama Victory Redraws Political Map

Barack Obama’s stunning victory on Tuesday opened a new chapter in American history, redrawing the electoral map and signaling that whatever concerns voters had about his inexperience and race were dwarfed by a sweeping desire for change and a comfort with his leadership.

Agriprocessors Files for Bankruptcy

The kosher meat company Agriprocessors filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday after a week in which the company was hit with massive fines, lawsuits and arrests.

Armies of Volunteers Mobilize To Get Out the Vote in Virginia

The days of Barack Obama and John McCain’s efforts to persuade Jewish voters are done. Now, the singular focus in such battleground states as Virginia has shifted to turning out any and all voters.

Third Kosher Slaughterhouse Halts Production, Heightening Worries About Meat Shortage

In developments that are likely to cripple the availability of kosher beef in large parts of America, three of the five largest slaughterhouses producing kosher beef have halted production this week.