Fair Deal? Israelis hope to be added to the visa waiver program for easier entry to the U.S. But the Jewish state’s robust spy program poses a hurdle, along with Israel’s alleged mistreatment of Palestinian-American travellers.

Congress Move To Ease Visa Rules for Israel Hits Snag Over Spying Reports

A seemingly routine move in Congress to ease visa restrictions on Israelis has all but died. The measure was shelved amid a spy scandal and inside-the-Beltway politics.

Pope Francis Heading to Holy Land With Rabbi and Imam as Interfaith Wing Men

With a rabbi and a Muslim sheik as his travel companions, Pope Francis is heading to the Middle East with what he hopes will be a powerful message of interfaith respect.

Zionism is falling out of favor among New Zealand’s Jews. The country’s final Jewish school is in Auckland.

New Zealand Commitment to Israel Fades Among 7,000 Jews

In one of the farthest corners of the Diaspora, Zionism has fallen “out of fashion” to the detriment of the “struggling” Jewish community.

Will Pope Francis Recognize Palestine on Trip to Israel?

A tense atmosphere awaits Pope Francis on his trip to Israel. Will he recognize the State of Palestine? And how will he react to the recent spate of anti-Christian attacks?

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Does Intermarriage Drive Young Jews Away From Israel?

One in five young Jews are liberals who have only one Jewish parent. A new analysis of data from the Pew survey shows they are also likely to be alienated from Israel.

How Martin Indyk Went From AIPAC Man To Blaming Israel for Talk's Failure

American peace mediator Martin Indyk was once known as a died-in-the-wool Israel supporter. Then he spent nine months trying to negotiate with the Israelis.

Rand Paul Hones Pro-Israel Pitch, But Finds Jewish Leaders Wary

Likely GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul is stepping up his outreach to Jews with a strong pro-Israel message. But can he overcome the distate some feel for his father?

Pragmatic View: Former mayor Mohammed El-Adarah argues that placing hope in the Israeli planning system is futile.

Supreme Court Orders Israel To Involve Palestinians in West Bank Building Plans

Israel’s highest court has ordered officials to involve Palestinians in West Bank building plans. Will the decision prevent more demolitions — or serve as cover for the occupation?

Pay Up: A man holds a sign reminding Americans to file their taxes before the IRS deadline.

IRS Is Coming for American Tax Evaders in Israel

Americans trying to hide income in Israeli banks are about to be exposed to IRS scrutiny. The same goes for those who didn’t even know they were supposed to be filing with Uncle Sam.

Why Are So Many Pro Basketball Owners Jewish (Like Donald Sterling)?

Why do Jews, like Donald Sterling, own so many pro basketball teams? The answer has to do with the sport’s urban roots and the economics of the game. Plus Jews are huge hoops fans.