Pragmatic View: Former mayor Mohammed El-Adarah argues that placing hope in the Israeli planning system is futile.

Supreme Court Orders Israel To Involve Palestinians in West Bank Building Plans

Israel’s highest court has ordered officials to involve Palestinians in West Bank building plans. Will the decision prevent more demolitions — or serve as cover for the occupation?

Pay Up: A man holds a sign reminding Americans to file their taxes before the IRS deadline.

IRS Is Coming for American Tax Evaders in Israel

Americans trying to hide income in Israeli banks are about to be exposed to IRS scrutiny. The same goes for those who didn’t even know they were supposed to be filing with Uncle Sam.

Why Are So Many Pro Basketball Owners Jewish (Like Donald Sterling)?

Why do Jews, like Donald Sterling, own so many pro basketball teams? The answer has to do with the sport’s urban roots and the economics of the game. Plus Jews are huge hoops fans.

Donald Sterling Cash Puts Jewish Non-Profits in Bind

When Donald Sterling’s racist rant hit the news last week, you could practically hear the jostling at the microphone by those eager to denounce the Los Angeles Clippers owner.

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Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling watches game with girlfriend V. Stiviano.

NBA's Donald Sterling Tells Girlfriend, 'In Israel, Blacks Are Treated Like Dogs'

L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling was caught on tape telling his girlfriend that “in Israel, blacks are treated like dogs” to justify his racist rant against African-Americans.

Why Is U.S. Reluctant To Waive Visas for Israelis? Ask WikiLeaks

Why do Israelis need a visa to enter the U.S.? WikiLeaks reveals it may be due to their practice of overstaying their welcome, and Israel’s organized crime problem.

Missed the Train: Oren Trablesy regrets not buying a place in his hometown of Sderot when he had the chance several years ago. Now prices are shooting up beyond his reach.

Israeli City of Sderot Is Different Kind of Boom Town These Days

A few years ago, someone who wanted to move to the Israeli town of Sderot near Gaza for ‘quiet’ would have been dismissed as a lunatic. But now the town is booming.

Jewish Groups Resume Dialogue With Churches After Israel Aid Schism

Jewish and mainline Protestant groups held the first face-to-face meeting in 18 months. The groups’ move ended a feud over the church’s criticism of U.S. aid to Israel.

Uphill Fight: J Street president Jeremy Ben-Ami came under attack at a committee meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations.

J Street Fails To Win Over Key Committee for Presidents Conference Membership

J Street has failed to win the endorsement of a key committee as it pushes for membership in the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations.

3,300-Year-Old Coffin From Time of Pharoahs Unearthed in Israel

A 3,300-year-old Egyptian coffin from the time of the pharaohs has been discovered in the Jezreel Valley in northern Israel, the Israel Antiquities Authority announced.