The AIPAC annual policy conference in Washington on March 3, 2013.

AIPAC Touts Bipartisanship as Barack Obama Warns Israel To Seek Peace

On the opening day of its conference, AIPAC went to great lengths to convey a message of bipartisanship. It came as President Obama bluntly warned Israel to seek peace now.

AIPAC's Convention Starts as Iran Sanctions Debacle Still Looms Large

The timing ain’t great for AIPAC. The Israel lobby’s annual convention opens Sunday with the group still licking its wounds from a major defeat on Iran sanctions.

3 Battles: Rashid Khalidi, Judith Butler and John Judis hold divergent views on Israel. But their perceived criticism led all three to be shunned by major Jewish institutions.

Feud Over Israel Erupts at Jewish Institutions

Three prominent Jewish institutions have found themselves embroiled in disputes over perceived critics of Israel. Are these skirmishes in a growing culture war?

Alice in Musicland: A former concert pianist, Alice Herz-Sommer was known to say, ?I am Jewish, but music is my religion.?

For Alice Herz-Sommer, Oldest Holocaust Survivor, Music Was a Religion

Alice Herz-Sommer, who died at 110, was the oldest known Holocaust survivor. Her music allowed her to cheat death in a concentration camp — and helped others too.

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Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto Ordered NYPD Detective to Arrest Aide's Rival: Lawsuit

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto ordered a New York City police officer to arrest his top aide’s business rival, according to allegations in a civil suit.

Harry Reassessed: A new book by The New Republic senior editor John Judis says Harry Truman man not have been as pro-Israel as many believed.

John Judis Caught in Controversy Over Book's Tale of Harry Truman and Israel

John Judis’s new book suggests Harry S. Truman wasn’t a big supporter of Zionism. Did hypersensitivity about Israel kill his planned talk at the Museum of Jewish Heritage?

Vassar Jewish Students Break With Hillel on Israel

The Vassar Jewish Union declared itself an ‘Open Hillel,’ becoming the second Hillel-affiliated organization to break from the parent group over its Israel guidelines.

After Anne Heyman's Death, Heartbroken Family Picks Up Torch in Rwanda

Anne Heyman’s family has just finished sitting shiva for her. But they’re already taking steps to make sure her legacy of caring for Rwanda’s genocide orphans never dies.

Leaning In: Over the last 15 years, Bar Shalom has skyrocketed through the glass ceiling that sets the limits for Haredi women.

Adina Bar Shalom, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's Daughter, Weighs Israel Presidential Run

EXCLUSIVE: It wasn’t just a rumor. Adina Bar Shalom, the ultra-Orthodox daughter of the late Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, is seriously considering a run for the Israeli presidency.

Israeli Breast Cancer Survivor Launches Prosthetic Nipple Company

After breast cancer forced one Israeli woman to have a mastectomy, she created her own prosthetic nipple. Now, she is helping other women battling cancer.