Or Amar, 21, with Martina Bialek, 23.

Hope, Fear, and a Day at the Beach as Israel Votes in Watershed Election

As Israel goes to the polls, Naomi Zeveloff travels from West Bank settlements to liberal enclaves and even the beach in search of the storylines that will determine the country’s next leader.

Weed the Vote: Bareket Shiff-Karan of the pro-marijuana Green Leaf party joins Purim revelers.

From Pot to Pirates, Meet the Parties That Definitely Won't Win Israel's Election

Israel has a pro-pot party, one for Orthodox women and even a Pirate Party. In all, 14 tiny parties are running. With virtually no chance of winning any seats, why do they bother?

Liberals Aren't Alone in Growing Anger at Bibi — and Distrust of Israel

It’s not just liberals who are angry at Israel. Is moderate Sen. Tim Kaine’s decision to boycott Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech a sign of unease spreading toward the political center?

I Went to Israel To Ask Voters What They're Really Feeling. They're Confused.

On the eve of Israel’s election, J.J. Goldberg explores the electoral and psychological landscape of Israel. He tells us what the main players are feeling — starting with desperation.

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Together as One: John Lewis (D-Ga.) gives fist bump to John Conyers (D-Mi.) at the ceremonial swearing-in of members of the Congressional Black Caucus.

Black Lawmakers Fume Over Bibi Speech — But Vow Ongoing Alliance With Jews

It was not the first time John Lewis had invoked the Jewish-black alliance that fought for equality during the civil rights era. But it was the first time that the Georgia congressman, a civil rights hero, invoked it to explain why he was skipping a speech by an Israeli prime minister.

‘Toxic’ Feud: Rep. Jan Schakowsky says Israeli voters should oust Benjamin Netanyahu for damaging the country’s relationship with the U.S. — and demanded that Ambassador Ron Dermer be fired.

Jewish Congresswoman Pushes for Israel Regime Change After Bibi Speech to Congress

Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky is not alone in being furious at Benjamin Netanyahu. But the Chicago liberal is the first to call for Israelis to vote him out of power.

Netanyahu Says Two-State Solution Is No Longer Relevant

Netanyahu has declared that his 2009 Bar Ilan speech, in which he expressed support for creating a ‘demilitarized Palestinian state that would recognize the Jewish state,’ is no longer viable.

What Do Israelis Think About Americans? Start With Disdain.

Israelis are a famously fractious people. But Naomi Zeveloff reports they mostly agree on one thing: Americans can be sold on anything, from Dead Sea mud to a bad Mideast peace deal.

Houses on the Hill:WZO’s Settlement Division was a key force in supporting Jewish building.

Zionist Group's Vote Could Bare Israel's Secret Funding of Settlements

Israel has long used the main world Zionist group to funnel funds to West Bank settlements. Will leaders soon close the loophole that allows the cash to flow without scrutiny?

Benjamin Netanyahu went to the Western Wall before claiming to speak for ‘the Jewish people’ when he addresses Congress.

AIPAC Seeks Unity as Feud Erupts Over 'Arrogant' Benjamin Netanyahu

A nasty feud over Benjamin Netanyahu’s claim to speak ‘for the Jewish people’ erupted even as AIPAC sought to showcase unity on the opening day of its national conference.