Why the U.S. Presidential Election Matters for Israel’s Environment

The next very few years are crucial for the trajectory global warming takes and whether or not we will be able to keep warming to tolerable levels. Indeed, this trajectory depends directly on the environmental policies of the next president.

Mark Cuban’s Top Five Anti-Trump Twitter Zingers

Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, is a Donald Trump fan-turned-foe. These days, he’s Hillary Clinton’s attack dog, especially on Twitter.

Israeli Rabbi Accused of Sexual Misconduct Stripped of Ordination

JERUSALEM (JTA) — Israel’s Chief Rabbinate reportedly has revoked the ordination of a rabbi accused of sexual harassment and other sexual misconduct. It is the first time that the Chief Rabbinate has taken such a step, according to Israel’s Channel 2, which first reported the move on Tuesday. The news channel did not name the…

How Secret Republican Gerrymandering Push Devastated Jewish Lawmakers

Even if Clinton becomes president, the House seems almost certain to remain Republican. The forecast is four more years of Washington paralysis. And with no Jewish representation on the Republican side.

Remembering My Teacher Tom Hayden

Hayden influenced me by a quality of his not normally associated with activists of the go-go sixties: a sobriety of thought, and a willingness toward reflection.

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