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Help! I Think My Mom Lied About Being Jewish

My mom always said we were Jewish. And then my son began digging around in our ancestry and discovered otherwise.


Solve the Refugee Crisis at Its Source — in Syria

EDITORIAL: It’s hard not to draw a direct line between America’s failure to strike Syria two years ago and the scenes of Syrians washing up on Europe’s shores today. Is it too late to overcome our isolationism?


From Black Hats to Egalitarian Prayer — and Back?

When Orthodox-raised Eli Reiter got dragged to an egalitarian prayer service, he felt shaken. He wasn’t supposed to like it. And yet, there he was, moved.


What Is the Most Jewish Subway Line?

When Jonathan Katz overheard two New Yorkers arguing over which subway line is ‘the most Jewish of all,’ he couldn’t get the question out of his head. The answer shocked him.


No, Ann Coulter Is Not an Anti-Semite

Yes, Ann Coulter’s tweet about Jews was indefensible. No, it does not make her an anti-Semite. Take it from Dennis Prager, who has hosted the Conservative pundit for more than one Shabbat dinner.

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