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Help! Our 'Half-Jewish' Daughter is Becoming Frum

Two ‘half-Jewish’ parents are getting worried as their daughter grows drawn into Chabad. They ask Seesaw how to talk to her about the risks of her new religious lifestyle.

Let's Unite To Make Marriage Stronger for All — Gay and Straight

EDITORIAL : After the Supreme Court gave LGBT people the right to marry, Jane Eisner says it’s high time for liberals and conservatives to unite behind a pro-marriage agenda — for straight people, too.

Hamas, Under Fire from ISIS, Fractures Into Many Dangerous Pieces

As ISIS declares war on Hamas, J.J. Goldberg looks at the way the group in Gaza has fractured, with extremist elements proving more and more dangerous.

Making the Case for the Big Tent Federation

Jewish federations have lost their place as the centerpiece of our communities over the past decades. George T. Caplan and Steven Windmueller lay out an agenda to reverse this trend.

Does Church Vote Signal BDS Tipping Point?

The United Church of Christ just voted to divest from the Israeli occupation — and other denominations may soon follow. Seth Morrison asks if the movement has suddenly reached a critical mass.

It's a 'Hall of Mirrors' — But Iran Nuclear Deal Is Good as It Gets

Confused by the shifting goalposts and nasty rhetoric at the Iran nuclear talks? J.J. Goldberg says it’s all smoke and mirrors to placate hardliners on both sides — but the deal is as good as it gets for the world and Israel.