The Sisterhood

Actor David Suchet minus the Poirot mustache.

The Coded Jewishness of Poirot

Hercule Poirot, in the show, is basically every ‘The Jew’ from turn-of-the-century literature.

Does Donald Trump Realize Jewish Refugees Were Also Called ‘Trojan Horses’?

At the debate, Trump called Syrian refugees the ‘greatest Trojan Horse of all time.’ Jews know a little something about that line.


Does Donald Trump’s Refusal To Respect Election Results Disqualify Him From Being President?

Trump’s refusal in last night’s debate to accept the basic rules of the game is an insult to all who have played by them for centuries.


Why Israelis Are Right To Oppose the Palestinian ‘Right of Return’

The inherent Israeli opposition to the right of return for the descendants of Arab refugees has nothing to do with demographics, David Bedein writes.


How It Felt To See Myself on a Neo-Nazi Hit List for Trump Trolls

Seeing my face and name on this anti-Semitic website was a stinging reminder that Jews like me will be in danger if Trump wins.


Why Jewish Journalists Like Me Face Unprecedented Online Abuse in Age of Trump

Nothing quite prepared Jane Eisner for the emails sent in the early hours of October 10 with messages such as: “Shana Tova, Dirty Hooknosed KIKE rat! MAY IT BE YOUR LAST!” A new ADL report codifies the online abuse of Jewish journalists. Is it Donald Trump’s fault?

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