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Oy! She Took My Granddaughter to an Ashram

My Jew-ish daughter-in-law has become very “spiritual” in recent years, which includes visits to a local ashram with my granddaughter. Seesaw, can I tell her that this is confusing for their Jewish children?


Why Ben Carson's Rant About Gun Control and the Holocaust Is So Dangerous

It’s easy to dismiss Ben Carson’s remark that gun control caused the Holocaust as the ravings of a man who makes Donald Trump seem circumspect. Except, as Jay Michaelson points out, millions of Republicans believe the anti-Semitic canard.


French Jews Need To Stand Up for Muslims Right Now

When far-right politician Nadine Morano called France a ‘country of the white race,’ French Jews barely made a peep. Robert Zaretsky explains why that’s so shortsighted.


It's Not Quite a Third Intifada — Yet

How will Benjamin Netanyahu handle the rising tide of violence in Israel? J.J. Goldberg explains why the prime minister, caught between conflicting camps, is walking a tightrope.


Why Fighting Intermarriage Is a Lost Cause

Some believe Jews must fight intermarriage. Deborah Waxman says we lost that battle years ago — and that’s why the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College is trying something new.


Why We Shouldn't Accept Rabbis Who Marry Non-Jews

Reconstructionists have decided to permit intermarried rabbis. Jane Eisner says this dramatic change risks diminishing our religious leadership at a time when we need it the most.

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