The SeeSaw

When My Girlfriend Is Lebanese

A college student falls in love with a Lebanese woman. Now he’s afraid to tell his Zionist parents. He asks the Seesaw what he should do.

British Jewish Woman Wins $25k in Religious Discrimination Suit

A British Jewish woman won $25,000 in damages from a company that refused to hire her because she is Shabbat observant.

The 95% Doctrine of Climate Change

If Dick Cheney thought any threat that had even a 1% chance should be actionable, J.J. Goldberg wonders what we should make of a climate change disaster that feels 95% certain.

How Bibi's Rubik's Cube Cabinet Creates Chaos — and Danger

Two weeks after his new cabinet was formally sworn in, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is still juggling cabinet assignments as he struggles with the Rubik’s Cube of his fourth governing coalition.

Jean Zay, Resistance Fighter and Cannes Founder, Enters the Pantheon

France only very rarely adds another tomb to its national temple, the Pantheon. But, as Robert Zaretsky tells us, it just honored Jean Zay, whose founded the Cannes film festival and joined the World War II resistance.

How FIFA Soccer Scandal Could Help Israel

The corruption allegations against the world soccer body FIFA are damning, but frankly, they couldn’t have come at a better time for Israel. With the world distracted, the Palestinians’ long-shot bid to get Israel suspended looks even less likely.