The SeeSaw

We Just Don't Want a Bris

A Jewish woman is pregnant with a boy and her family wants him to have a bris. She asks the Seesaw how to make her parents understand she just doesn’t care about Jewish traditions.

Did Michael Oren Concoct Haiti Earthquake 'Kick in Chest'?

Michael Oren says in his new book that he felt ‘kicked in the chest’ when President Obama omitted Israel from a list of countries helping Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. That’s odd — since the first Israeli rescuers hadn’t even arrived yet.

Worst Way To Protest Gay Pride? It's Called Jewish Ethnic Drag.

At New York’s Pride parade, a fringe Orthodox group paid Mexican laborers to dress like Jews and hold up anti-gay signs. There’s a name for that, Sigal Samuel writes. It’s called ethnic drag.

The Bitter Irony of Leon Wieseltier's Outrage at Michael Oren

Leon Wieseltier skewered Michael Oren for calling him an anti-Semite in ‘Ally.’ But Wieseltier himself is the king of spurious accusations of anti-Semitism, Raphael Magarik argues.

I'm an Orthodox Rabbi and I Celebrate Supreme Court's Gay Marriage Ruling

Eliyahu Fink has been mocked by fellow Orthodox Jews for supporting marriage equality. He explains why he cheers the Supreme Court’s decision, even though he would not perform a gay wedding ceremony.

Dear Israel, America Is Our Queer Jewish Homeland

Israel is often marketed as the LGBT Jewish paradise. But Jonathan Katz says the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling cements his belief that the queer space most worth investing in is here at home.