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What Should I Tell My Toddler About Santa?

We’re going to the in-laws for Christmas and my son’s cousins believe in Santa. What, if anything, should I tell him about jolly old St. Nick?

Laura Ingraham Didn’t Do a Heil Hitler — and Saying She Did Is Part of the Problem

Do reporters, or their readers, actually believe Laura Ingraham gave a Heil Hitler on stage, or that there were racially segregated elevators in a major convention hall in Cleveland, Ohio?


Why Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Might Not Be as Crazy as It Sounds

At a recent campaign rally, Donald Trump defended former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein’s record on terrorism, noting that Hussein was a “bad guy” who was nevertheless very efficient at “killing terrorists.” House Speaker Paul Ryan immediately distanced himself from Trump’s remarks, and leading Republican donors jumped in with criticism as well.

Cue Saul Alinsky, the Jewish Bogeyman the GOP Loves To Hate — Again and Again

Two days into the coronation of Donald J. Trump, the arrival of Saul Alinsky, in all his dead Jewish radical glory, was not a surprise.


The Real Reason Rabbi Lookstein Retreated From the RNC

It was not weakness or cowardice that forced Lookstein to retreat, but a deep respect for his role as a teacher, Amy Neustein writes.

Why Jews Need To Band Together With ‘Subgroups’ That Steve King Attacked

All of us ‘subgroups’ who stand outside of ‘Western civilization’ are in danger now, Michael Rothbaum writes.

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