How Trump Can Clinch A Mideast Peace Deal — If He Follows These Simple Steps

The Oslo negotiating rule that “nothing is agreed until everything is agreed” holds the solvable issues hostage to the unsolvable ones.

Fault Lines Season 1, Episode 9

Peter Beinart and Daniel Gordis break down the Jewish community’s response to President Trump.

‘Bad Memes’ Provoke Controversy at Harvard

Harvard’s decision to rescind the acceptance to 10 students over “bad memes” has stirred controversy on both sides of the political spectrum.

Why Linda Sarsour Is A Fake Feminist

Absent from the debate about Zionism and feminism is a protester declaring: “Sister Linda, it is Zionophobia and Feminism that are incompatible.”

Does Jeremy Corbyn Deserve Jewish Support In Britain’s Election?

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party is surging before the U.K. election. His views have sparked a debate over how Jews should vote.

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