Growing Trend: Pro-Palestinian activists listen at a conference at the University of Pennsylvania.

Zionist Students Don’t Need Safe Spaces

Some complain that campuses no longer provide safe spaces for pro-Zionist students. But Jonathan Katz says the last thing these students need is to be protected from a ‘horde of evil BDS zombies.’

Why Is East Ramapo School Board Under Siege?

East Ramapo school board president Yehuda Weissmandl has been called a ‘looter,’ ‘immoral’ and worse. He says anger and hatred are driving a new push to appoint a state monitor for the embattled district.

Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt

6 Ways To Prevent More 'Sauna Rabbi' Scenarios

Instead of trying to protect their reputations, synagogues with predatory rabbis should protect their members, writes Deborah Rosenbloom.

Why the Forward Sent a Brave Reporter to Gaza

Jane Eisner agreed to send correspondent Naomi Zeveloff to Gaza so the Forward’s readers would see firsthand the struggles of its people. She thinks the decision reflects the paper’s Jewish values — but can’t hide her relief that Naomi is back home safe.

What's Behind the 'Embarassing' Heckling of Jack Lew at Jerusalem Post Conference

It shouldn’t have surprised anyone that Jack Lew was treated with such disdain at the Jerusalem Post conference. J.J. Goldberg writes that the behevior of the far right-wing crowd is even wearing thin on supporters of Benjamin Netanyahu.