I Give My Readers Cold Hard Evidence About Palestinians. They Refuse To Believe It.

Why do my readers keep insisting, despite the facts, that ‘Palestinians are totally opposed to any solution which allows Israel to continue’?


‘The West Wing’ Is Still the Jewiest Show for Our Post-Jewish Times

After a recent episode of The West Wing Weekly podcast, a listener complained that co-host Joshua Malina talked about Jewish things too often.


Quit Your Liberal Condescension Toward Jews Who Love Trump

Russian Jews have enough smarts to evaluate political options and make informed choices out of their own preferences, Dmitry Gringauz writes.


My Mayor Thinks He Can Show ‘Who Owns Jerusalem’ — With a Cable Car

For Jerusalem to thrive, leaders on both sides must summon the courage to ‘divinite’ — simultaneously divide and unite — the city.


Don’t Tell Me There Are No Qualified Ethiopian Israelis To Fill the Position

If the Israeli government wants to be smart, it will use the untapped source of social capital that its Ethiopian citizenry represents.

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