Jews Who Attack Jared Kushner And Ivanka Trump Should Cut The Hypocrisy

Why is it that so many thought it was the responsibility of Kushner (and his wife, Ivanka Trump) to restrain the president, and why might they blame the couple’s Jewish observance for their failure to do so?


Terms of Endearment: What Should We Call Our Grandmothers?

Rukhl Shaechter has decided to proudly adopt the term “Bubbe.” What will your grandchildren call you?


Letter to the Editor: My Bond to My Israel Bonds Is Broken

My 5-year Israel Bond came due on February 1. Over the past few months, I have been deliberating whether or not to renew the bond, as I have done for decades. I have decided not to renew, as I cannot support the current Israeli government and the perilous direction in which it is headed.


On My Morning Walk, Chalk Messages Mark Path of Hope for Immigrants to City College

Every morning when I walk my son Teddy to the subway station at the corner of St. Nicholas Avenue and 145th Street in our Hamilton Heights neighborhood in Harlem, we pass a sea of young men and woman walking from the trains toward City College.


An Impatient and Uninformed Electorate Dooms America To Repeat History

The groups that vote in disastrous, incompetent leaderships time and time again, primarily lower income and less educated, are the ones who pay the heaviest price for the consequences, in resources and often in lives.

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