We All Agree Nazi Flag Is Wrong. So What About Confederate Flag?

Even as some Americans defend the Confederate flag, they recognize that flying a Nazi banner — as one North Carolina man still does — is wrong. Rachel Landes asks: Why the double standard?

‘Sacred Space’ Sun streams in through the windows as a couple says their vows at Temple B’nai Sholom.

When Alabama Compares Gay Marriage to the Holocaust

An Alabama Chief Justice has compared Nazi Germany’s systematic murder of six million Jews to legalizing gay marriage — and the state’s rabbis are none too pleased.

We've Heard Enough Rabbis on Gay Marriage. Now, We Need a Rebbe.

The Orthodox conversation over the Supreme Court’s gay marriage ruling has been dominated by rabbis. But Ysoscher Katz says that what we really need is a rebbe.

Let's Unite To Make Marriage Stronger for All — Gay and Straight

EDITORIAL: After the Supreme Court gave LGBT people the right to marry, Jane Eisner says it’s high time for liberals and conservatives to unite behind a pro-marriage agenda — for straight people, too.

Stop Demonizing Michael Oren

Michael Oren’s accusations need to be debated. But instead of focusing on the argument, too many have mounted personal and vicious attacks, writes Yossi Klein Halevi.