What It's Like To Be a Black, Gay, Professional Jew

Ilana Kaufman is black, gay — and a Jewish community leader. Instead of recognizing her for who she is, some people prefer to reach out and touch her ‘very interesting’ hair.


Is ‘Pinkwashing’ Possible After Gay Pride Stabbings?

Israel is reeling from a violent attack on its LGBT population — an attack that Jonathan Katz says will change the conversation around ‘pinkwashing’ for good.


7 Prescriptions for American Jewish Anxiety

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Fur in Spring: Russian women lounge on Brighton Beach’s boardwalk.

It’s Time To Stop Patronizing Russian Jews

Russian Jews are thankful for all that American Jews have done for them, Benjamin Goldschmidt writes. But they’re sick of being treated like adopted orphans.

The author as a baby in Russia, probably not contemplating being an American Jew.

Can My Kid Be an American Jew Without Losing Her Russian Culture?

Vicki Boykis wants her child to grow up steeped in American Judaism — but not at the expense of their Russian heritage. How can she convey that Pushkin is as much their culture as Sholom Aleichem?