It’s Not The ADL’s Job To Tell Comedians What’s Funny

It’s okay to label certain jokes insensitive. But to institutionally declare certain topics unfunny or unallowable is the actual crime against comedy


Why Doesn’t Birthright Believe In Israeli Democracy?

Birthright has chosen to end meetings with Arab citizens of Israel, who make up one-fifth of Israel’s population.


Growing Up Ultra-Orthodox, There Was No Shame In Being Poor

This essay is part of our ongoing series, Outside the Bubble: Class and Inequality in the Jewish Community. It explores the class divides in Jewish communities of all denominations, and the financial struggles belonging to these communities can incur. Please email your thoughts and essays to

Why Princeton Hillel Was Right To Disinvite Israeli Official

The spectacle of left-wing students forcing a Hillel to cancel a speaker wonderfully inverts a familiar routine.


Avi Gabbay Is #Winning: Israel’s New Political Dynamo Plays For Keeps

“When I have to decide between ideas and winning elections, I’m choosing to win elections,” Gabbay said.

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