Donald Trump’s Cabinet Is A Nightmare For Women

A president who cares about women would not tap Tom Price for the Department of Health and Human Services or Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

The Frightening Human Cost Of Trump’s Latest Muslim Ban

The immigration status of green card holders, refugees, people granted asylum and people seeking asylum remains essentially untouched by Trump’s latest executive order. The real problem with the ban is the message it sends and the psychological damage it inflicts on Muslims and noncitizens.

Myopic American Jews Ignore European Cousins Under Fire

While American Jews freak out about the odd bomb threat, European Jews face regular violence and contend with widespread state apathy.

What To Do When Your 7-Year Old Cheers ‘Trump’ In An Arab Neighborhood?

With policies that hurt the middle class and a budget of brutality, the Trump administration has been actively forgetting the very voters the president claims to care so much about.

Why It’s Moral To Defy Trump’s Immoral Crackdown On Immigrants

I was saddened to read my colleague, boss and friend Jane Eisner recently acting like Dr. Martin Luther King’s critics.

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