Worried About BDS and 'Intersectionality'? Act Against Israel's Occupation.

David Bernstein, the new president of the Jewish Council on Public Affairs, wrote last week about an important phenomenon impacting campus activism and debate around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: intersectionality.


Let's Reform Sex Abuse Laws To Offer Justice — Not Protect Predators

EDITORIAL: The brave story told by Marc Gafni’s alleged victim is a clarion call to reform New York’s restrictive statute of limitations for sex crimes. Shouldn’t we be giving victims every chance to win justice — instead of protecting abusers?


Haim Gouri's Rejection of Zionist Art Prize Restored My Faith in Zionism

After speaking to Israeli poet Haim Gouri about his reasons for rejecting the ‘Zionist Works of Art’ prize, Eetta Prince-Gibson explains why his decision was incredibly Zionist.


How Chris Hughes Wrecked The New Republic — and Broke One Reader's Heart

I picked up my first copy of The New Republic as a teenager in 1993. The cover featured a caricature of Ross Perot as a salivating bug with the teaser “Pox Populi.” The magazine was smart, cheeky, disputatious and highbrow. It was also very Jewish.

‘I Was 13 When Marc Gafni’s Abuse Began’

In a Forward exclusive, Sara Kabakov for the first time tells her story of sexual molestation by the spiritual guru when he was a rabbinical student. She decries the state laws that gave her no legal recourse to pursue her abuser.

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