Was New York Bombing a Dry Run for United Nations Attack?

On the surface, the quick arrest of a suspect in the weekend bomb wave in New York and New Jersey might look like it’s brought some closure to the frightening series of events.


Why We Protested a Palestinian Course at Berkeley

For academic freedom to mean anything, it must be safeguarded from abuse, writes AMCHA Initiative’s Tammi Rossman-Benjamin.


Berkeley’s Choice To Nix Palestinian Course Disgusts Me as a Jewish Alum

It is a tragic reality that today in America, a Palestinian who wants to teach about the place where he was born is considered politically motivated and dangerous, Simone Zimmerman writes.


Money Smarts Isn’t the Most Important Quality for Yeshiva U.’s Next President

This is about more than just Rabbi Berman. It is about changing how the Orthodox community thinks about leadership.


The Conclusions We Jump to After the New York Explosion

Scares like these will boost Donald Trump in the polls, Jay Michaelson writes.

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