Only Writers Living in Israel Deserve To Win Its Biggest Prize

Should Israeli expats be allowed to win their home country’s biggest literary prize? Talia Carner says they lost that right when they chose to move away.

The Best Way To Move the Orthodox World

Rather than trying to get the Orthodox world to accept same-sex marriage and women’s increased role, Yitzchak Francus recommends we apply another tactic to his community.

Rabbis Against Climate Change

With the Pope about to present his arguments for fighting climate change, Arthur Waskow and a large group of rabbis have made their own statement of purpose on this global question.

Inside Israel's Secret Talks With Hamas

Despite public denials, the Israel military has opened secret talks with Hamas. J.J. Goldberg explains why the negotiations could offer important benefits for both sides — even though Benjamin Netanyahu still opposes the detente.

Don't Blame the Sauna Rabbi — Blame Orthodox Mentality

The real question isn’t why Rabbi Jonathan Rosenblatt took boys into the sauna naked, Eliyahu Fink writes. It’s why his Orthodox community did nothing to stop him.