4 Reasons Republican Jews Are Still In Denial About Trump

Have white supremacists really “never been welcome in the GOP”? Quite the contrary!

Why This Druze Israeli Identifies As A Zionist

The Forward speaks with Reda Mansour, a Druze Israeli diplomat, about identifying as a Zionist and why Richard Spencer is wrong about the ideology.

Eric Foner: Confederate Statues Celebrate Only One Side Of History

Columbia University Prof. Eric Foner says Confederate statues only celebrate one side of Southern history.

Jews Should Use Charlottesville To Overcome Bigotry — And Black People Can, Too

The time has come for all Jews and all African Americans to reject generalizations born of the worst examples in the “other’s” community.

Why Anti-Semitism On The Left Is More Dangerous Than Anti-Semitism On The Right

How are the acts of the Chicago Slutwalk any different than the actions of the White Nationalists in Virginia?

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