How To Talk Politics at Your Family Seder Without Killing Each Other

Intimate gatherings can make for pointed arguments that detract from the joy of the holiday, especially in an election year. But that doesn’t mean we should avoid prickly subjects.


Why Simone Zimmerman and Bernie Sanders Are Still on Same Side on Israel — Suspension or No

If Jewish leaders want to know why young people are turning away from Judaism, they just gave a crash course in it, Isaac Luria writes.


The Huge Irony That Jews for Cruz Can’t — or Won’t — Admit

Ted Cruz’s affinity for Israel has little to do with concern for the Jewish state and more to do with the fulfillment of a disturbing New Testament prophecy, Ari Paul writes.


How John Kasich Accidentally Rehashed a Classic Jewish-Christian Debate

What John Kasich was really going on about in Boro Park was the split between Mosaic law and Abrahamic covenant, between Judaism and Christianity, Raphael Magarik argues.


Why I’m for Hillary (and Not for Him)

Historian Deborah Lipstadt has supported Hillary Clinton for a long time, and she now actively opposes Bernie Sanders for his reckless promises and fuzziness on details. And then there’s Israel.

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