That Super Cute Maxi Skirt Isn't Her Problem. French Racism Is.

A Muslim girl in France was sent home twice in one month for wearing a long skirt deemed an ‘ostentatious symbol’ of her faith. Anne Cohen explains why those focusing on the skirt are missing the point.

The Way of a Pilgrim: A girl removes her shoes on the way to Mumbai's Haji Ali Dargah, where both Muslims and Hindus pray.

How Not To Be a Jerk in Jewish India

Coming to India? Leave your Jewsplaining at home. This ancient Jewish community has earned the right to be free of religious colonialism, Sigal Samuel writes.

Why Elderly Couples Need Sex Most of All

Sex means even more to couples as they grow older. Daniel Reingold asks why are there such deep taboos about elderly people’s sexuality, as shown in a criminal case involving a husband and wife who suffered from dementia.

Is 'Strangeness' of Ed Miliband an Anti-Semitic Code Word?

In his campaign for prime minister of Britain, Ed Miliband’s Jewishness has only come up by way of code words. Liam Hoare writes that doesn’t make it any less offensive.

Why — and How — Baltimore Jews Must Act Now

This is not the time for Baltimore Jews to hunker down in their homes and worry about property damage, Owen Silverman Andrews writes. We must fill the streets — or risk falling prey to a kind of modern idolatry.