What Americans Don’t Know About the Middle East Conflict and Why

Benjamin Netanyahu knows better than the Palestinians best hope for freedom lies in non-violent protest, supported by global solidarity. Sam Behour writes that’s why he provoked the current violence.


Why Barack Obama Is No Bill Clinton When It Comes to Israel

By now it should be obvious how absurd it is to call President Barack Obama Israel’s “best friend” ever, as Thomas Friedman of The New York Times has claimed.

How Can I Fight the Fear That’s Eroding My Values?

Israeli Eetta Prince-Gibson desperately wants to see Palestinians in nuanced terms. But that’s no easy feat, when everyone is urging her to play a simplistic blame game.


How the Middle East Conflict Is Warping Judaism

Did Yigal Amir’s murder of Yitzhak Rabin represent an early bellwether of Judaism transforming from an ennobling path of wisdom to an angry, bloody weapon?

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