Don't Gloss Over Muslim Role in Iraqi Pogrom

The massacre of Iraqi Jews known as the Farhud was no anomaly, Shulamit Binah writes. It was an unfortunate marriage of Arab nationalism, Nazi anti-Semitism and Iraqi national struggle.

Introducing the Frumqa — Jewish Women Under the Burqa

The daughter of Shas’s spiritual leader said she fears that Israeli women will soon have to veil their faces. But in the town of Beit Shemesh, where a sect of Haredi women wear ‘frumkas’ — Jewish burqas — that fear is already a reality.

How Much Yiddish Do You Know? Hopefully More Than Buzzfeed.

Buzzfeed’s new Yiddish quiz reveals far more about the biases of the website that published it than it does about the Yiddish language itself, Jordan Kutzik writes.

So Apparently, My Name Means 'Chickenshit' in Hebrew

Naomi Zeveloff was always told that her name meant ‘son of Zevel’ in Russian. Then she moved to Israel, where it has a very different meaning.

Who Gets To March in New York’s Celebrate Israel Parade?

Public displays of Israel affection are increasingly the domain of the Orthodox — but these Jews weren’t the only ones commandeering Fifth Avenue, as Jane Eisner observed.