Judge Gorsuch Will be Good on Religious Liberties — Which Will Be Good for the Jews

In a number of opinions, Judge Gorsuch has demonstrated great care in analyzing the religious viewpoints underlying religious liberty claims before him.


Stand Up for Truth

‘Oh God, not the Jews again.”

How Could Modern Orthodox Judaism Produce Jared Kushner?

Jared Kushner’s moral failure should chill every Modern Orthodox educator, rabbi and parent in America, writes Peter Beinart.


Letter from Ukraine: Don’t Let Refugee History Repeat Itself

As Jews, we must speak out. We are no strangers to the life-saving benefits of immigration no less than we are strangers to the reality of what happens when immigration is no longer an option.

My Late Uncle’s Memories of Germany in the 1930s Haunt Me Today

I’m thinking about the words my aging uncle shared with me in his final years more than two decades ago, and I’m agreeing with his point of the importance of recognizing that, just like German citizens in early 1933, we are living in a starkly different reality than we were a mere 10 days ago.

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