Both Republicans and Democrats Went Backward on Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Now What?

Only President Obama can help us now — and only if he acts fast, Sam Bahour and Geoffrey Lewis write.


The Inconvenient Truths Stalking Hillary Clinton’s Democratic Convention

It’s hard to be a cheerleader when the world’s about to end.


4 Ways Michelle Obama’s Speech Spoke to Jewish Values

FLOTUS speechwriter Sarah Hurwitz is informed by Jewish values — and it shows in her work, Lana Adler says.


I Put (((Echoes))) on My Name To Teach WikiLeaks a Lesson About Anti-Semitism

My reaction to my own discomfort over the echoes had been to remove them from name. My reaction to WikiLeaks was to put them back on again.


I Won’t Cry Over Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Fall From Power

The Democratic National Committee chairwoman’s resignation — on the eve of what should have been her great triumph — was absolutely necessary and utterly avoidable, Jane Eisner writes.

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