Trump’s ‘Religious Liberty’ Executive Order Should Scare The Bejesus Out Of Jews

Jewish proponents of Trump’s executive order on religious freedom sell our pluralistic birthright for a short-term bowl of financial porridge.

Marine Le Pen: Sure Loser? Or A Mortal Threat To France?

Whether you hate Marine Le Pen or love her, leading thinkers agree that she has the potential to change France.

The Gory Bloodsport That Brought Father And Son Together

In today’s social climate, the notion of sacrifice is about as absent from our sensibilities as Nepal is distant from or soil.

Stop Feeling Sorry For Israel’s Enemies

With every stabbing and every martyr paid by the Palestinian leadership, those in Israel seeking peace look more foolish and unrealistic.

Why We Should Celebrate The 50th Anniversary Of The Six Day War

In June of 1967, Israel’s enemies wanted to kill our people. That they were not successful is cause for celebration.

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