Russia Revoked Our Citizenship, It Won’t Even Give Us Visas

I was overwhelmed by the number of responses to my article “Russia Quietly Strips Emigres of Dual Citizenship” that was published in the Forward in June. The article reported on Russia’s new citizenship rules, according to which anyone who was not residing in Russia on February 6, 1992, is no longer considered a Russian citizen.


What I Learned Volunteering with Refugees in Greece

I have come to explore the heart of the refugee, to learn as much as I can about people who have been forced to flee everything they’ve ever known for everything they don’t know. To learn what separates them from me; to try to imagine being in their shoes. Or is it to imagine being with my father’s as he fled for his life so many years ago?

Reclaiming a Star-Spangled Progressive Patriotism in the Age of Donald Trump

It’s July 4 weekend, and we’re all watching the fireworks together: my partner and I, and a few hundred strangers. And it occurs to me: What I love about America is not what the loudest America-lovers love. In fact, I have a sense that it’s the opposite.


The Torah of Max Ticktin Will Not Be Forgotten

Forty years ago, I noticed that one of our members was doing something odd when the Torah scroll was carried around the community.


Donald Trump Hires the ‘Best’ People — for Following the Anti-Semitic Twitterverse

Prior to this weekend, Donald Trump had a degree of plausible deniability regarding anti-Semitism. Now, not so much.

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