Why You Shouldn’t Go To Synagogue On Rosh Hashanah This Year

There’s no bigger business than the High Holidays at your local synagogue. Jay Michaelson has some unconventional advice: Don’t go.


Immigrant Fearmongering From Donald Trump to Benjamin Netanyahu

In this bewildering political season, immigrants have become targets of opportunity for right-wing politicians around the world, Daniel Sokatch writes.


3 Types of Shimon Peres Haters — and Why They’re Wrong

A memo to the haters on the right, the haters on the left, and the haters who have mocked Peres his whole life for his anti-Sabra tendencies.


Why Anti-Semitism in the British Left Should Worry American Jews, Too

If you ignore the Labour Party because you aren’t a leftist or British, you may be too late to preserve the special status American Jews enjoy today.


Why Benjamin Netanyahu’s Outrageous ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Claim Is Actually Clever Political Ploy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu managed to raise the collective blood pressure of official Washington to dangerous levels on September 9, charging in an online video that evacuating Israeli West Bank settlers, as Palestinians demand, would amount to “ethnic cleansing.” What’s more, he said, “some otherwise enlightened countries even promote this outrage.”

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