How Marine Le Pen Lost French Election, But Still Won

Emmanuel Macron trounced the National Front’s Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election. But don’t count her out in the future.

Is There Still A Chance For Peace In The Middle East?

The separation paradigm is collapsing in Israel — geographically, demographically, politically.

As Cyber Warfare Turns 10, The West Risks Falling Behind

A decade after the Estonia attack, the West’s potential enemies still have a better sense of what they want to achieve in cyberspace than the United States or its allies.

Is Trump Setting Up The Next Anti-Semitism Envoy For Failure?

The best channel for globally combating anti-Semitism is to insist that our government recommit to upholding minority rights domestically.

Don’t Dismiss The Six Day War’s Lasting Legacy

Israel’s sweeping victory in 1967 gave the country confidence in their defense forces ability to overcome Egypt’s initial success on the battlefield six years later.

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