The Conclusions We Jump to After the New York Explosion

Scares like these will boost Donald Trump in the polls, Jay Michaelson writes.


Why in the World Are Progressives Opposing a Referendum On Israeli Occupation?

Leftists should be thrilled about this idea. Shouldn’t they?


Here’s How Jews Can Get Out the Vote — and Why We Must

Want fuller participation in American democracy? Then advocate for the structural changes that we know will make a difference, Jane Eisner writes.


Yeshiva U.’s Likely New President Will Keep School on Track — Toward Financial Ruin

Rabbi Ari Berman would ensure that Y.U. continues on its current trajectory. Problem is, if it does so, it faces near-certain collapse, writes Bethany Mandel.


When Your Husband Gets Called a ‘Filthy Kike’ On Twitter

I never imagined that the father of my children would be a target of anti-Semitic hate speech in 2016.

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