Is Split Over Israel a Luxury Restricted to Countries With No Anti-Semitism?

Dov Waxman’s new book, ‘Trouble in the Tribe,’ raises questions about intra-Jewish conflict over Israel and where it’s most likely to take place.


American Jewish Unity In Favor of Egalitarian Kotel Is a Fiction

Some say that U.S. Jews are united in wanting a progressive Western Wall plaza. But that ignores the sizable and growing Orthodox segment of the population, Avi Shafran writes.


How Will I Get Through the Passover Seder Without My Mother?

Every year, after the seder, Lester Bronstein and his mother would stay up until past 2:00 a.m. washing each and every drinking glass by hand. Not this year.


Why Israel’s Two-Kotel Solution Reminds Me of Two-State Solution

Just as it would be untenable to ignore the problem necessitating the two-state solution, Israel can’t keep ignoring the problem necessitating the two-wall solution, Stuart Charme argues.


Remembering Phil Ochs, the Other Great Jewish Folksinger of the ’60s

Phil Ochs, the 1960s-era singer-songwriter, died at his own hand 40 years ago this weekend. J.J. Goldberg says he was arguably the truest voice of his generation.

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