Why Was Israel Missing From the Democratic Debate?

For two and a half hours on October 13, the five Democratic candidates for president debated all manner of domestic and foreign issues in a spirited exchange where the questions were more productive and the answers more substantive than anything we’ve seen from the Republicans until now. But there was one subject that never made it to prime time: Israel.


The New York Times and the Big Lie About the Temple Mount

Last week, I opened The New York Times to Rick Gladstone’s article, “Historical Certainty Proves Elusive at Jerusalem’s Holiest Place,” happy that the newspaper of record would explain to its audience the historical context of this embattled piece of real estate.


4 Things the Jewish Community Needs To Be Called Out On

As Steve Gutow leaves the helm of a Jewish public policy umbrella after ten years, he says we must be more open to Israel criticism — and less open to donors’ outsize influence.


How Rabbi-Led LGBT Clergy Are Supporting Black Lives Matter

Rabbi Debra Kolodny believes that Black Lives Matter is ‘one of the most critical movements of our day.’ And she wants to transfer that belief into action.


How a Vote for Republicans Harms Israel — and Not How You Might Think

Say you’re the sort of American voter who puts Israel’s safety first when deciding how to vote. Think that means you should support the Republicans? Think again, says J.J. Goldberg.

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