The 95% Doctrine of Climate Change

If Dick Cheney thought any threat that had even a 1% chance should be actionable, J.J. Goldberg wonders what we should make of a climate change disaster that feels 95% certain.

How Bibi's Rubik's Cube Cabinet Creates Chaos — and Danger

Two weeks after his new cabinet was formally sworn in, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is still juggling cabinet assignments as he struggles with the Rubik’s Cube of his fourth governing coalition.

Why Is France Up in Arms About Holocaust Compensation Deal?

A heated debate has erupted in the French Parliament about who is responsible for the deportation of thousands of French Jews to the death camps during the Holocaust: Could it be the French government?

The BDS Blacklist Is a Jewish Moral Failure

Canary Mission, a website that compiles a ‘blacklist’ of pro-Palestinian student activists, is a Jewish moral failure, writes Jonathan Katz. He asks: How did we let this happen?

A Disgraceful Imprisonment in Iran

EDITORIAL: Jason Rezaian’s only crime was being a journalist in Iran. Like life imitating Jon Stewart’s ‘Rosewater,’ his imprisonment makes us doubt that Tehran really wants better ties to the outside world.