Why Anti-Semitism in the British Left Should Worry American Jews, Too

If you ignore the Labour Party because you aren’t a leftist or British, you may be too late to preserve the special status American Jews enjoy today.


Why Benjamin Netanyahu’s Outrageous ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ Claim Is Actually Clever Political Ploy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu managed to raise the collective blood pressure of official Washington to dangerous levels on September 9, charging in an online video that evacuating Israeli West Bank settlers, as Palestinians demand, would amount to “ethnic cleansing.” What’s more, he said, “some otherwise enlightened countries even promote this outrage.”


What To Do When a Rosh Hashanah Prayer Is Triggering For You: Walk Out.

‘Unetaneh Tokef’ is a trigger for Deborah Greene. The violent way her father died by suicide is specifically laid out in the words of this poem.


Did Ailing Hillary Clinton Forget Watergate? It’s the Cover-Up That Gets You.

If Hillary Clinton is inaugurated president next January, she’ll be the second-oldest person ever to take that initial oath. At age 69 years, 88 days, she’ll be topped only by Ronald Reagan, who was 261 days older — 69 years, 349 days — at his inauguration in 1981.


Will Hillary Clinton Health Scare Shake Up Race for the White House — and How?

As a New York Senator, Hillary Clinton fought like a lion a decade and a half ago on behalf of thousands of first responders who were poisoned by the toxic cloud that hovered over the ruins of the Twin Towers following the terrorist attacks of September 11. She was damaged when the anniversary of that attack was marked by Al-Qaida copycats who attacked the American Consulate in Benghazi, killed four diplomats and gave Clinton’s rivals an excuse to sully her name.

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