The Hypocrisy of Claiming That Foreign-Funded NGOs Hurt Israeli Democracy

Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked’s bill would hamper foreign-funded NGOs. But, J.J. Goldberg asks, how exactly are they hurting Israeli democracy?


Israelis and Arabs Are Already Lovers — Kissing Video or No

An Israeli book was banned for depicting a relationship between a Palestinian and a Jew. Can a video of of these two groups of people kissing turn the tide?


Have Liberal Jews Betrayed Israel?

With liberal values under threat in Israel, some say American Jews should be speaking out. But Jane Eisner asks: Is it really our job to save Israeli Jews from themselves?


6 Bad Habits the Jewish Left Should Avoid in 2016

If the left wing wants to be more successful this year than it was last year, it needs to overhaul some intellectually wrong and self-defeating tendencies, Dahlia Scheindlin writes.


'Netanyahu at War' Takes Operatic View of Premier's Rise — and Feud With Barack Obama

“Netanyahu at War,” the Frontline documentary airing on PBS stations Tuesday night, manages to walk a very narrow line with surprising success. Despite the fairly transparent liberal leanings of the filmmakers and most of their on-screen interviewees, the two-hour film presents a reasonably balanced, objective portrayal of the Israeli prime minister and his beliefs.

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