Mom Told Strangers Her Holocaust Secret — But Not Me

Carol Ungar’s mother let Steven Spielberg record her Holocaust story, but forbade her family to watch the film until after her death. What dark secret was she hiding?

A Better Way To Talk About the Holocaust

In Israel, you either don’t talk about the Holocaust — or you make light of it. Cartoonist Lior Zaltzman longs for a middle path between pedestalizing and trivializing our past.

Did Hillary Clinton Steal Hadassah’s Logo?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo shares an awful lot in common with Hadassah’s new logo. Coincidence? We think not!

Dear Stanford: Don't Quiz Me on BDS Because I'm Jewish

Stanford’s Molly Horwitz was excited about running for student senate — until, she says, her peers used her Jewishness as a pretext to grill her on Israel divestment.

The Problem With Jewish-Only Holocaust Trips

Holocaust remembrance doesn’t — and shouldn’t — belong only to Jews, Jessica Lang writes. Are we cheating our kids by sending them on Jewish-only trips to the camps?