What Elie Wiesel Meant to the Soviet Jewry Movement

On my bookshelves there are two rows of volumes on the Soviet Jewry movement. Squeezed in among the tomes is a small, well-worn paperback with pages no longer attached to the spine, “The Jews of Silence” by Elie Wiesel. This slim volume is, however, a bridge. It crossed him and his readers over from his prior works, hearing the screams of those silenced in the Holocaust, to an eloquent challenge in 1966 to listen to the cry of our silenced but living oppressed brethren in the USSR.

My Last Meeting With Elie Wiesel

I just heard the news that my teacher Elie Wiesel has left the world. For several years, I have said Havdalah at the close of the Sabbath and immediately checked the news, wondering if I would learn that this has happened. This has become a ritual of anxious anticipation, and then – every week before this one – of relief.


Remembering Ice Cream With Elie Wiesel, a Modern Day Prophet

As the tributes pour in, it’s easy to forget how courageous and unusual it was for Elie Wiesel to write so honestly about the Holocaust decades ago. Jane Eisner remembers.


Can Liberals in Israel and America Overcome Alienation — From Each Other?

Israel’s first-ever conference on bridging the gap between Israeli and American Jewish liberals finds much angst, few answers, J.J. Goldberg reports.


This California Teen’s Program Helps Thousands Learn to Read

When funding cuts caused the collapse of the reading program at the elementary school she had attended, Laurielle set out to provide students with the same access to the reading resources and opportunities she had at their age.

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