It’s Not Just the Palestinians Who Are Getting the UNESCO Temple Mount Resolution All Wrong

Though UNESCO’s resolution is offensive at times, it is not the statement Palestinians celebrate and Israelis bemoan, says Eetta Prince-Gibson.


How It Felt To See Myself on a Neo-Nazi Hit List for Trump Trolls

Seeing my face and name on this anti-Semitic website was a stinging reminder that Jews like me will be in danger if Trump wins.


If Israel Lets in Palestinian Refugees, Will It Lose Its Jewish Character?

There’s no reason to think Zionism’s goals depend on a system that enforces a demographic majority, Joshua Schreier and Mira Sucharov argue.


The Surprising Quirks and Lesser-Known Pleasures of My Dad, Jacob Neusner

Even famous scholars of Judaism love Life Savers and ‘Judge Judy.’


You Don’t Have To Be a Zionist To Know UNESCO’s Temple Mount Resolution Is Insane

Avi Shafran, a Haredi Jew with a non-Zionist perspective, calls out UNESCO for its flat-out denial of Jewish history.

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