Why Do Jewish Leaders Keep Ignoring Ultra-Orthodox Education Crisis?

The New York State Legislature is considering two bills to push nonpublic schools to meet minimum education standards. But Jewish groups’ inaction could threaten the bills’ future, Seth Kaplan and Naftuli Moster write.


The Outrageous Jewish Hypocrisy of Ivanka Trump — Not To Mention Donald and Melania

How long can Ivanka, the mother of three Jewish children, stay silent about the vocal anti-Semitic contingent in her father’s base?


Inside the Western Hemisphere’s Only Romaniote Synagogue — and Its Greek Jewish Festival

Andrew Marcus, the organizer of New York’s Greek Jewish Festival, dishes to Jonathan Katz about why he started this annual tradition.

How Netanyahu Showed the Army Who’s Boss by Handing the Keys to the Far Right

Israel’s government is trying to reassert control over a military that’s been acting like an alternate source of authority, J.J. Goldberg writes.


First They Came for the Transgender People…

The bathroom debate will end up harming not only trans people, but all Jews, Ari Paul writes. Just look at Nazi Germany.

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