Can Trump and Kushner’s Amateurish Efforts In The Middle East Succeed?

The entire Trump effort to bring peace to the Middle East looks either hopelessly amateur or malevolently cynical.

Why Stripping Non-Jews Of Their Israeli Citizenship Threatens Zionism

A recent story in Haaretz about Bedouins being stripped of their Israeli citizenship shocked readers. It seemed to confirm the worst suspicions about Israel and Zionism more generally, and at a time when it is disturbingly fashionable to equate Zionism as racism, the story could not be more relevant. Indeed, the story of the Bedouins gets to the heart of some of the biggest issues Israel faces today, and it is the very soul of Zionism that hangs in the balance.


Why We Are Joining President Trump’s Rosh Hashanah Call

Non-Orthodox religious groups declined the yearly presidential call with President Trump. They were wrong to do so.


As A Working-class Kid In My Conservative Community, I Knew I Was Different

This essay is part of our ongoing series, Outside the Bubble: Class and Inequality in the Jewish Community. It explores the class divides in Jewish communities of all denominations, and the financial struggles belonging to these communities can incur. Please email your thoughts and essays to


How The Obsession With Jewish Continuity Perverts Our Liberal Values

Wouldn’t we rather our children chose not to identify as Jews than to be forced to do so, either by anti-Semitism or by internal pressure?

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