Can Dominique Strauss-Kahn Reinvent Himself — as France's Next President?

How do you recreate yourself as a political sage after being disgraced for a string of sexual escapades? If you’re Dominique Strauss-Kahn, you do it by leveraging the world’s economic woes.


Why Federations Shouldn’t Take Sides on Iran

EDITORIAL: There is no shortage of Jewish voices on the Iran deal. But Jane Eisner writes that for federations to take a position on this divisive issue is both a practical and strategic mistake.

Bumpy Road
: Many converts say the opaque conversion process, which was spotlighted in the Rabbi Barry Freundel scandal, is only one of many hurdles they had to overcome.

Rabbi Freundel Victimized My Wife — But I Don't Want Him in Solitary Confinement

When Jeffrey Shulevitz found out that his wife was among the victims of Barry Freundel’s voyeurism, he cheered the rabbi’s imprisonment. But solitary confinement is another story.


Jared Fogle Facing Prison Rape? That's Not Jewish Justice.

Jared Fogle, the Subway pitchman turned sex offender, may face rape behind bars. Jay Michaelson says no one should call that justice — especially Jews.


How Matisyahu Ban Backfired on BDS Backers

The boycott Israel movement thought it scored a huge coup by convincing a Spanish reggae festival to target Matisyahu. J.J. Goldberg explains how it blew up in the face of BDS supporters instead.