The Morning After the Iran Deal Drama Ends

EDITORIAL: The Jewish political world is focused on — and bitterly divided by — the Iran nuclear deal. Jane Eisner asks what happens on the day after this great inside-the-Beltway drama ends.

Racist Atticus Finch Has a Lesson for Jews

Are you heartbroken over Harper Lee’s depiction of Atticus Finch in ‘Go Set a Watchman’? Wait until you realize what it means for our most cherished notions about the civil rights movement.

Checking My Privilege as a Korean Jew

Samantha Yi is the grandchild of a Jewish Holocaust survivor and a kidnapped Korean mechanic. As a double minority growing up in America, does she get twice the privilege — or twice the discrimination?

Why My Biracial Son Doesn't Want To Date Jewish Girls

Since her conversion, Ayanna Nahmias has gone on a lot of bad dates with Orthodox Jews. Now that her biracial son is of age, how can she instill in him the hope of finding a loving Jewish partner?

Is Bernie Sanders Getting Anti-Semitic Treatment?

On their own, they seem like mere slip-ups that amount to nothing. But taken together, the media’s treatments of Bernie Sanders’s Jewish background smell of anti-Semitism, Ari Paul argues.