‘Modest’ Ivanka Trump Did Nothing Wrong At Western Wall

Speculation was rife, as to whether the Trumps would obey the gender separation rule

On JFK’s 100th Birthday, Read His Favorite Biblical Passages

Only six days after Kennedy’s assassination, Forverts editor-in-chief Simon Weber wrote about President Kennedy’s favorite biblical passages.

Since When Is ‘Countering Violent Extremism’ A Bad Thing?

As Trump befriends Muslim leaders whose repressive regimes stoke extremism, he cuts domestic programs combatting said extremism.

Trump And Foreign Policy: An Arranged Marriage Gone Awry

What’s most frightening about this moment in foreign affairs is that the most important player may not be capable of absorbing it all.

Republicans Behind Brutal Budget Cuts Should Read The Book Of Job

Being poor, being ill, being, even momentarily, not blessed in every way, is not a moral failing.

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