Should We Call It ‘Radical Islam’?

Should we attribute the Paris attacks to ‘radical Islam’? Or, Jane Eisner asks, should we describe them as the actions of extremist individuals, and avoid blaming a whole religion?


Why No Facebook Filter in Solidarity With Israeli Victims?

Why did Facebook present the flag filter as an option on behalf of France, when it does not do so on behalf of other countries plagued by Islamic terror — including Israel?


How Hillary Clinton Came Out Stronger From the Paris Terror Attacks

The tragic events in Paris underlines Hillary Clinton’s standing as the candidate best equipped to cope with a foreign policy crisis, J.J. Goldberg writes. Her Republican opponents? Not so much.


Where Jewish Democrats Stand on Syrian Refugees. Plus: Secrets of ISIS

Jewish lawmakers and Jewish organizations weigh in on welcoming Syrian refugees, and draw some nasty reactions where you’d least expect them, J.J. Goldberg reports. Also, what you need to read about ISIS.


Are Jews Who Support Republicans Duped — Or Deliberately Blind?

Many American Jews think they’re supporting a reasonable, conservative, hawkish-on-Israel Republican Party. But Jay Michaelson says that party simply isn’t on the ballot.

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