The Political Rabbi’s Survival Guide

When you preach about politics, don’t mention the names of politicians or political parties. Just talk about policies, values and ideas.

Why Our Synagogue Became A ‘Sanctuary Synagogue’

Our synagogue’s name, Shir Tikvah, means “Song of Hope.” How could we be a song of hope and turn away people from our doors?

Is PewDiePie More Like Mel Brooks Than Like Milo Yiannopoulos?

While Disney was certainly within its rights to drop PewDiePie, some of his treatment by the media has been grossly unfair.

Is Donald Trump Too Ignorant To Deal With Israel And The Middle East?

For almost two decades, American presidents have supported a Palestinian state alongside Israel. Last week, Donald Trump questioned that commitment, thus potentially changing the course of Middle Eastern and Jewish history.

If Only Donald Trump Had Answered The Jewish Reporter’s Question Like This

“If you think that our movement to make America great again has anything to do with white supremacy, anti-semitism or racism of any kind, you have misunderstood everything I have said for the past year and a half.”

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