Pam Geller — Secret to Interfaith Healing?

Could an angry ad accusing Islamic countries of ‘Jew hatred’ inadvertantly launch a useful dialogue? Mira Sucharov explains how we can use Pam Geller’s accusations against her.

Michael Oren, Israel's Historian, Runs Afoul of History

Former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren is a historian — the kind who likes to distort historical facts about Israel and American Jews. His letters in Foreign Policy prove that, writes Ali Gharib.

Jay Michaelson Wins Deadline Club Award

Forward contributing editor Jay Michaelson has won the 2014 Deadline Club award for opinion writing.

Conservative Catnip: Jay Michaelson, right, took the ADL’s global poll on anti-Semitism. And, you guessed it, even a rabbi like him would get counted as a hater in the profoundly flawed study.

I Am 1 Billionth 'Anti-Semite'

The ADL says its global poll shows a quarter of the world holds anti-Semitic views. But Jay Michaelson says the study is so hopelessly flawed, any thinking person could fail — even a rabbi.

Firing Offense: Jill Abramson, the now former executive editor of The New York Times.

Sexism in Journalism Really Lives on the Opinion Page

With the debate about the supposed role of sexism in Jill Abramson’s firing from The New York Times, Elissa Strauss looks at one place where gender discrimination definitely exists: the op-ed page.