Jews Who Hurt Gay Black Man Only Want To Do Community Service With Other Jews

Two Hasidic men are challenging the clause in their plea deal that says their community service must take place in a ‘culturally diverse neighborhood.’


What Talking to a Syrian Refugee Taught Me About Palestinian Anti-Normalization

Talking won’t bring peace. But not talking could lead to another war.


Ignoring Anti-Semitism in the BDS Movement Is Intellectually Dishonest

If you don’t see some anti-Semitism, you are as blinded as the people who only see anti-Semitism, Adam Hummel writes.


Stop History From Repeating Itself: Trump’s 5 Biggest Immigration Myths Debunked

Lana Adler argues that, as Jews, we have the responsibility to debunk Trump’s dangerous myths about immigrants.

How Can Russian Jews Be So Naively in Love With Donald Trump?

You’d think people who left their homeland to escape anti-Semitism — and whose families include victims of the Holocaust and the Gulag — would see the signs.

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