Stem Tide of Anti-Semitism in Europe

Europeans will have to reach that conclusion themselves. The most thoughtful among them already understand that a continent in which Jews do not feel comfortable is not a healthy place for anyone.

4 Things About the Times of Israel 'Genocide' Blunder

A Times of Israel blogger suggested Israel could be justified in carrying out genocide. Jane Eisner offers four lessons about the controversy — and what it says about the media today.


A Punk Rocker, Tisha B'Av and Our Love of History

A punk rock musician taught Avi Shafran an unexpected lesson about Tisha B’Av. The rocker was bemused to hear that Jews still mourn the destruction of the temples.


Is Gaza Carnage Just the Start?

The brutal war in Gaza is further testament to the historical fact that Israel’s forefathers had to conquer the land they defend today. What hope is left of finding a lasting peace?

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