Can Bernie Sanders Bring Socialism Back to Life?

‘Socialism’ has long been a dirty word in American politics. But if the New Hampshire primary results and youth voting habits are anything to go by, that may be changing.


Did Bernie Sanders Just Grab Jewish Crown in New Hampshire?

Maybe now that Bernie Sanders has become the first Jewish candidate to win a presidential primary he’ll start getting the Joe Lieberman treatment.

Does God Still Matter on the Campaign Trail — Even When Young Voters Rebel?

Republican presidential candidates are actively bringing God onto the campaign trail. Jane Eisner asks if a new generation of voters with few ties to organized religion — the ‘nones’ — may force them to change.


Why Jewish Republicans Should Look Past Marco Rubio — to Michael Bloomberg

There is only one hope for moderate Republicans: that a Trump/Sanders, Cruz/Sanders or Rubio/Sanders general election match-up gets Michael Bloomberg into the race as an independent, Jay Michaelson writes.


Bernie Sanders Should Embrace His Kibbutz Past — Not Shrink From It

Bernie Sanders’s time on a kibbutz affiliated with Hashomer Hatzair should be a proud talking point for the leftist candidate, not an embarrassment, A. Daniel Roth argues.

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