Human Biodiversity: the Pseudoscientific Racism of the Alt-Right

“Human biodiversity,” supported by alt-right superstars like Milo Yiannopoulos, is just eugenics updated for the Internet Age.


An Evangelical Pastor Takes Trump to Task

Neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton represent the Jesus I follow and worship.


Don’t Like Black Lives Matter? Get Ready To Lose Young Jews Like Us.

A memo to the Boston Jewish Community Relations Council from two people it claims to represent.


Black Lives Matter Lost Me With That Israel-Bashing Platform

Calling Israel an apartheid state and perpetrator of genocide flames hatred, incites violence and perpetuates anti-Semitism, Ari Hart writes.


You Won’t Support Paid Parental Leave? Then We Won’t Give You a Grant.

Starting this year, Jewish Women’s Foundation of New York will only accept grant applications from organizations that offer employees at least four weeks of paid leave at full salary.

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