Zionism Wasn't Kidnapped. It Was Handed Over.

Holocaust historian Saul Friedlander says that Zionism was ‘kidnapped’ by the right, but Emily Hauser disagrees. The right didn’t have to take it — the silent middle handed it over.

Prayer: What is appropriate when it comes to faith in the public square?

America Doesn’t See Its Religious Minorities

The recent Supreme Court decision on public prayer pointed to the invisibility of religious minorities, writes Michael Helfand. Why else couldn’t the town be bothered to include them?

Not as Advertised: John Roberts has turned out to lead a very different type of court than promised.

The Roberts Court: No Longer Just an Umpire

John Roberts claimed at his Supreme Court confirmation that his job is like an umpire’s. But J.J. Goldberg writes that upending precedent is exactly what has come to define his court.

India's New Chief Sees Israel as Ally on Terror

Israeli leaders are cheering the victory of India’s Narendra Modi. The Hindu nationalist is seen as a possible ally against the Muslim world, J.J. Goldberg writes.