A Hebron Land Grab, Just in Time for Passover

For Israeli settlers, there is poignancy in the fact that the Hebron Jewish community has branched out into a previously Palestinian neighborhood just before Passover.

4 Lessons for Jews From the Overland Park Rampage

The rampage in Overland Park is a wake-up call for Jews, Jay Michaelson writes. The same dark minds that hate blacks and immigrants also despise us — and will eventually turn to violence.

How My Grandfather Marked Passover as a Slave

Hody Nemes’s grandfather’s most meaningful Passover came when he couldn’t have a Seder — because he was a slave in a forced labor camp.

Why Is This Israeli Land Grab Different?

When is an ‘illegal’ settlement no longer illegal? When Israel says so — and thumbs its nose at the world and the peace process.

The Real Exodus of Passover — on JetBlue to Miami

Like our ancestors, Mimi Minsky has embarked on a little exodus of her own. Only this one involves JetBlue and screaming children, not matzo in the desert.