Can Yoga Fix the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict?

Long popular among Israelis, yoga is gaining ground among Palestinians seeking inner peace in a land marred by war. But can it actually ‘empower’ them?


Is It Even Possible to Vote Against Israeli Occupation?

Ballots for the upcoming Israeli election are printed in a West Bank settlement — so do leftists who want to fight the occupation need to stay home on voting day?


Why Young British Jews Are Hiring a West Bank Lawyer

Why would a group of young British Jews want to hire a West Bank lawyer? Jessica Belle Weiss explains that someone needs to make sure Palestinian kids get a fair trial in military court.


Learning To Embrace the Hybrid Jew

Other religions offer spiritual practices that Judaism lacks —  so why not adopt multiple traditions simultaneously? Jay Michaelson argues that being a hybrid Jew is an opportunity, not a problem.


Changing My Mind On Same-Sex Ceremonies

Nine years after vocally opposing same-sex commitment ceremonies, Conservative Rabbi Philip Scheim officiated at one. It ended up being the highlight of his career.

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