Fortunate Son: Tal Fortgang is the descendant of Holocaust survivors, but also a day school graduate from a rich suburb.

Checking Your Jewish Privilege

The Princeton student who sparked the ‘check your privilege’ debate reminds Samuel G. Freedman of a Jewish archetype: the strong man who also feels like a weakling.

Making Fun of Haredim — Bad for All Israelis

Is it becoming more acceptable for secular Israelis to hate and mock the ultra-Orthodox? Judging by a recent joke about controlling the Haredi population through cannibalism, the answer is yes.

Even Lefties Should Support David the Nahlawi

Even lefties should defend David the Nahlawi, the Israeli soldier who cocked a gun at a Palestinian teen. The army put him in an impossible situation.

No, Kerry, 'Apartheid' Isn't On Israel's Agenda

Jonathan Tobin argues that John Kerry was wrong to use the A-word to describe Israel’s future. Even when applied to the West Bank, “apartheid” is a complete misnomer.