Why Jewish Poverty Matters Now — More Than Ever Before

The collapse of Met Council and FEGS should wake us up to a disturbing reality: We do not have — and badly need — a strategy for combating Jewish poverty.


How Norwegian Muslim 'Peace Ring' Changed Me

PHOTO ESSAY: When Norwegian Muslims formed a ‘ring of peace’ around an Oslo synagogue, they gave Jews everywhere hope — and melted away one photojournalist’s cynicism.


How Could We Have Trusted Rabbi Barry Freundel?

Now that Rabbi Barry Freundel has pleaded guilty, we can begin some much-needed soul-searching. Jay Michaelson writes we should start with the powerful people who lionized him.


No, Mr. President, It Isn't Just Extremism. It's Jihad

President Obama may have a fine plan to combat what he calls ‘violent extremism.’ But J.J. Goldberg says he doesn’t do the cause any good by tiptoeing around the problem.


Let's Get Over Our Non-Orthodox Inferiority Complex

Why do so many less observant Jews secretly think they’re inferior to their Orthodox brethren? Amram Altzman, who once tried to pass as non-Orthodox, has some ideas.

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