How an Eritrean Taught Me the True Meaning of Passover

Escaping forced labor, trekking through the Sinai, and struggling to find refuge in Israel: that’s not just the Exodus narrative — it’s also the story of Tekle, an African refugee.

Be Careful What You Wish For in Indiana

Liberals slammed Indiana’s religious freedom law as backdoor bigotry. But Michael A. Helfand explains why its benefits far outweigh the risks.


After Iran Deal, Time for Bibi To 'Reassess' Quixotic Fight

Barack Obama is trumpeting a deal with Iran that achieved more than most expected. Maybe it’s time for Benjamin Netanyahu to ask some searching questions — of himself.


Scotch, (Beef) Ribs and Guy Talk at the Man Seder

Imagine your man cave decked out for Passover. That’s the men’s seder movement in a nutshell, with scotch, (beef) ribs and plenty of guy talk.


Take It from a Comedian — Trevor Noah Is No Anti-Semite

Why are people using statistics or free speech arguments to defend Trevor Noah against charges of anti-Semitism? Fellow comedian Katie Halper says we should look at his actual tweets.

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