Can You Love Ted Cruz for His Israel Views — Even If You Hate His Social Politics?

Can you support Ted Cruz because of his firm defense of Israel, even if you hate his social politics? Calls to boycott two gay businessmen who did just that suggest the answer is no — but why?

How To Love Israel — While Fighting Like Cats and Dogs About What That Means

Once a symbol of unity, Israel has become one of the most divisive issues in American Jewish community life. J.J. Goldberg asks: Can we all love Israel even while fighting about it?

Debating Palestine

Rabbi's Unwitting Lesson in How Not To React to Nepal's Earthquake

Israeli-born rabbi Yosef Mizrachi reacted with seeming glee to the collapse of numerous temples throughout Nepal. The worst part is, his sentiments aren’t even so rare, Jesse Lempel writes.

Confronting Jewish Complicity in South African Apartheid

Many believe that Jewish involvement was essential to the end of South African apartheid. But Jonathan Katz reminds us that we were actually complicit in the segregationist regime.

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