Newest Anti-Israel Hashtag? #JSIL

In an effort to piggyback on the focus on the Islamic State, anti-Israel activists are adopting the hashtag #JSIL to aim at perceived ills of the Jewish state.


Ruby Rivlin Is This Palestinian Boy's New Best Friend

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin and 11-year-old Palestinian George Amira have created a viral video that aims to end racism in Israel. Mira Sucharov says it’s hard not to be moved.

Why Do We Feel Dread On Yom Kippur?

Elissa Strauss and Scott Perlo discuss that great day of judgment, Yom Kippur, in their latest exploration of what it means to kind of, sort of, believe in God.

Why Yom Kippur Tells Us To Fight Ebola

Ruth Messinger writes that our Jewish ethical values command us to act against the ebola epidemic and the hysteria it is generating — especially as Yom Kippur nears.

Netanyahu's Convenient Lies About ISIS and Hamas

Take it from Nathan Brown, a man who knows ISIS: the jihadist group is not equivalent to Hamas — whatever Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations.

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