Seeking to Outflank J Street on the Left

As J Street and other liberal Zionist groups continue to support Israel’s war in Gaza, Jewish Voice for Peace is seizing an opportunity for gain new supporters at their expense.


Is It 'Undignified' To Negotiate With Hamas?

Is negotiating with Hamas really ‘undignified,’ as Eric Yoffie suggests? Mira Sucharov argues that buying into that logic means consigning Israelis to a permanent state of war and terror.


9 Years Later, Here We Go Again in Gaza

Israel’s unilateral withdrawal from Gaza in 2005 has only preserved Israeli power over Palestinians. Nine years later, Emily Hauser writes, we’re still making the same mistake.


Michelle Nunn Memo Shows How To Woo Jews

Georgia’s U.S. Senate race has just experienced a shakeup with the leaking of an eight-month old draft strategy memo written for the campaign of Democratic candidate Michelle Nunn.

Is Israel Fighting a 'Just War' in Gaza — and What About Hamas?

The concept of a ‘just war’ has been enshrined in Western thought since the days of St. Thomas Aquinas. Does Israel — or Hamas — have the right to claim the mantle of justice?

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