Take It from a Comedian — Trevor Noah Is No Anti-Semite

Why are people using statistics or free speech arguments to defend Trevor Noah against charges of anti-Semitism? Fellow comedian Katie Halper says we should look at his actual tweets.


The Elusive Search for the Ideal Seder

Elissa Strauss always thought there was some ideal Seder that she could eventually attain. But this year she’s decided that that isn’t what the holiday is about.


The #BlackLivesMatter Haggadah

Young Jews of color have produced a #BlackLivesMatter Haggadah. The message is as clear as it is disturbing: We the Jews are sometimes our own oppressors, Jesse Lempel writes.

In Indiana, We Have To Choose

EDITORIAL: The uproar over Indiana’s new law is the latest example of Americans trying to strike a balance between religious values and civil rights. Sometimes, we have to choose.


Walking While Jewish in Berlin

A.J. Goldmann walked through Berlin for ten hours with a yarmulke on his head looking to see if he would receive any anti-Semitic taunts. What he did find surprised him.

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