How Hillary’s Speech Patterns Reveal Biggest Advantage Over Bernie

A study shows that Hillary Clinton’s language is high on cognitive processing, low on self-certainty. Irina Bragin explains why that’s so much better than the authoritative style of a certain other guy.


When Ashkenazi Jews Eat Kitniyot on Passover, Is It Cultural Appropriation — from Sephardim?

The heritage of Sephardic Jews does not exist just to make the Passover practices of our Ashkenazi neighbors less burdensome and expensive, and more delicious and nutritious, Arielle Levites writes.


How To Talk Politics at Your Family Seder Without Killing Each Other

Intimate gatherings can make for pointed arguments that detract from the joy of the holiday, especially in an election year. But that doesn’t mean we should avoid prickly subjects.


Why Simone Zimmerman and Bernie Sanders Are Still on Same Side on Israel — Suspension or No

If Jewish leaders want to know why young people are turning away from Judaism, they just gave a crash course in it, Isaac Luria writes.


The Huge Irony That Jews for Cruz Can’t — or Won’t — Admit

Ted Cruz’s affinity for Israel has little to do with concern for the Jewish state and more to do with the fulfillment of a disturbing New Testament prophecy, Ari Paul writes.

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