Yom Kippur Playlist: Hot Tunes for Judgment Day

J.J. Goldberg is back with a Yom Kippur playlist. Among the guest artists are Leonard Cohen, Amy Winehouse, Eminem, Chava Alberstein and Bob Dylan. Listen, enjoy and repent!


When a Syrian Girl Named Halla Melted My Heart in Vienna

Edward Serotta was headed home after a lovely evening with friends in Vienna. Then a little girl named Halla grabbed his hand — and brought him face-to-face with Europe’s spreading refugee crisis.


Just How Deeply Split Is Jewish Public on Iran Deal?

Are Jewish Americans split down the middle on the Iran deal or solidly in favor of it? J.J. Goldberg breaks down the polling numbers — and explains that they reflect broader faultlines in the community.


How Ann Coulter Made It Kosher To Hate Jews

Anti-Semites already believe that Jews have too much influence in American politics. Now, they can point to Ann Coulter’s GOP debate diatribe as a mainstream affirmation of their beliefs, Karol Markowicz writes.

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