Reaching Out: Convincing others of the beauty of the Jewish tradition might also have an effect on Jews themselves.

Time for Jewish Evangelizing

It’s time for us to make the case for Jewish tradition in public space, writes Nigel Savage. We shouldn’t be afraid to be seen as evangelizers.


Why Bother Converting to ‘Cat GIF’ Judaism?

If getting someone to join the tribe is as easy as forwarding a cat GIF, what’s the point? Mordechai Lightstone says there’s a reason why it’s hard to convert to Judaism.


Will Reuven Rivlin Call 'Em Reform 'Rabbis'?

Reuven Rivlin, Israel’s front-runner in this week’s presidential election, has signaled recently that should he be elected, his goal will be to embrace non-Orthodox Jewish communities.

Adrift: Jeremy Ben-Ami, J Street’s leader, now needs to find a new raison d’etre for the group.

J Street Loses Its Focus With Peace Process Dead

J Street has lost its purpose now that the peace process is dead. Instead of fighting Israel’s occupation, it battles the only tactic that could end the injustice, writes Larry Derfner.