Annexation Was Always Naftali Bennett's Plan A

As peace talks flail, Naftali Bennett is calling for Israel to implement ‘Plan B’ by annexing part of the West Bank. But this has always been his Plan A, writes Emily Hauser.

Two Moroccan Bangles Bind Generations

Two Moroccan gold bracelets have been handed down from one daughter to the next in Anne Cohen’s Sephardic family. Tell us about the Jewish heirlooms that mean the most to you.

How You Would Spend Jewish Charity Billions

EDITORIAL: Do the spending priorities of American Jewish charities match those of the community? Judging by an informal poll of Forward readers, the answer is no.

Tiniest Victims of Passover Cleaning

VIDEO: If you are a breadcrumb in an observant home, your luck just ran out. Our video takes you inside the a pre-Pesach cleaning operation that wipes out every speck of hametz.

My Passover Seders from Warsaw to Disneyworld

Masha Leon has celebrated Passover in Poland, Japan, Disneyworld — you name it. For her, the Seder ritual was an anchor in a rootless world.