Jonathan Sacks Calls for Morality Along With Economics in Templeton Prize Speech

Jonathan Sacks suggests that libertarians, in their misreading of founding texts and in their abrogation of communal responsibilities, are embracing licentiousness.


Could Sins of Sara Netanyahu Force Bibi’s Downfall (He Wouldn’t Be the First)?

Twenty years to the day Benjamin Netanyahu won his first election, scraping past Shimon Peres by less than 30,000 votes, he received an anniversary gift: the police recommendation to press charges against his wife for misuse of public funds for the upkeep of their private residence in Caesarea.


From Donald Trump to Israel and Europe, Why This Lurch to the Right?

The global rise of right-wing populism is clearly the leading news story of 2016. Jay Michaelson investigates what’s behind it.


Those Rapping Bais Yaakov Girls Are Not Weird — Or Even Surprising

Orthodox girls are creative, talented and introspective. That should not be a surprise to the media, writes Leslie Ginsparg Klein.


How Right-Wing Critics Who Slammed My Book Proved Its Point on Israel

‘I had hoped that my analysis of why Israel is becoming such a bitterly divisive issue would spark serious public discussion. No such luck.’

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