How My Grandfather Marked Passover as a Slave

Hody Nemes’s grandfather’s most meaningful Passover came when he couldn’t have a Seder — because he was a slave in a forced labor camp.

Why Is This Israeli Land Grab Different?

When is an ‘illegal’ settlement no longer illegal? When Israel says so — and thumbs its nose at the world and the peace process.

The Real Exodus of Passover — on JetBlue to Miami

Like our ancestors, Mimi Minsky has embarked on a little exodus of her own. Only this one involves JetBlue and screaming children, not matzo in the desert.

Rejoicing at the Presence of the Wicked Son at the Seder Table

How can a Seder be inclusive when we believe that one of the guests is ‘wicked’? Avi Shafran shows how even that child has a treasured spot at the table.