A Teachable Moment at UCLA

EDITORIAL: All of us should condemn the questioning of a UCLA student about her Jewish faith. But let’s put the incident in context, instead of giving into inaccuracies and fear.


Jeb Bush's Lurch to the Right

Jeb Bush is seeking to placate evangelicals by naming an anti-gay hardliner to his policy team. Jay Michaelson explains why Jewish moderates should be very worried.


Why Is Hillel Chief Eric Fingerhut Shunning J Street — and 1,000 Pro-Israel Students?

The head of Hillel has passed up the chance to address 1,000 Jewish students at J Street. Benjy Cannon asks: Isn’t reaching out to students his job — whether he agrees with them or not?


Europe’s Undercover Yarmulke Journalists

Sending a yarmulke-wearing man out with a hidden video camera to document anti-Semitism on the streets of Europe is quickly becoming a journalistic trope.

Are Lithuania’s Swastika-Studded Marchers Really 'Fascists'?

What’s the deal with Lithuania’s swastika-studded nationalist marches? Daiva Repečkaitė joins one of the gatherings to find out if participants are as anti-Semitic as they seem.

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