How This Summer Made Me a Racist

Leah Bieler has always been proud of how her Jewish community responds to racial issues. But with the Gaza war rocking Israel this summer, she herself turned into a racist.


All That Divides Us as We Atone

As we prepare to stand on Yom Kippur and atone collectively for the sins of the Jewish people, J.J. Goldberg asks if we all see ourselves in the same way.


Can We Talk About Climate Change?

EDITORIAL: In the wake of the People’s Climate March, how do we find a language to talk about global warming to those who don’t naturally care or believe?


Do Jewish Actions Ever Cause Anti-Semitism?

Is anti-Semitism ever a response to things that Jews do? Raphael Magarik says yes — and insists that saying so does not amount to playing into anti-Semites’ hands.

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