Tidal Wave of Refugees as ISIS Grabs Chunk of Syria

Right now in northern Syria, refugees are streaming across the barbed-wire frontier by the tens of thousands, fleeing the advance of the terrorist army known as the Islamic State.


Should the Holocaust Get Preferential Treatment?

Does Canada’s human rights museum lavish disproportionate attention on the Holocaust as compared to other genocides? And is that a justifiable choice?


Let's Make Climate Change the New 'Third Rail' of American Politics

What will it take to make climate change the new ‘third rail’ of American politics? Jay Michaelson says we should start by getting serious about luring middle America to the fight.


Would Talmud Approve of 91 Lashes for Iranian ‘Happy’ Dancers?

Talmudic rabbis weren’t exactly shy about administering lashes. But even they would probably balk at an Iranian court’s decision to flog dancers for recreating a Pharrell Williams video.

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