Long Before Calvin Trillin, Chinese ‘Safe Treyf’ Came With a Side of Jewish Racism

Chinese food is synonymous with behaving badly in Ashkenazi culture, Andrew Dubrov writes. Calvin Trillin critics should chew on that.


What’s Really Behind the Angst Over Transgender Bathrooms?

On a practical level, this debate is about the rights (or restrictions) of transgender people. But if you listen closely, it’s about so much more, Jane Eisner writes.


That Time I Baked Matzo With Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz is a passionate evangelical Christian who loves Israel and its people, so of course he visited a matzo-making factory.


Hebron Shooting Makes Israel’s Top Brass Look Like Our Republican Party

The wave of public support for a soldier awaiting court-martial for homicide is a sort of Israeli parallel to the Donald Trump phenomenon, J.J. Goldberg writes.


Breaking the Silence Is Wrong — But Columbia Hillel Was Right To Play Host Anyway

Students who believe Breaking the Silence promulgates dangerous fictions are nonetheless glad that the group spoke at Columbia Hillel. Here’s why.

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