Why Right-Wingers Are So Angry That Israel Hasn't Bombed Iran Yet

Two of Israel’s top retired generals told the Jerusalem Post conference how they resisted military action against Iran. J.J. Goldberg reports that the explanation drew howls of outrage from right-wingers who believe attacking Tehran is the only way to protect the Jewish state.


Henry Waxman, 'Lobbyist's Nightmare,' Is Now a Lobbyist

Once called a ‘lobbyist’s nightmare,’ Henry Waxman has retired from Congress and become … a lobbyist. Anthony Weiss points out all the absurdities.


Is Jewish Reaction to Jerusalem Passport Case Opportunistic — or Delusional?

The week’s institutional Jewish responses to the Supreme Court’s decision in the so-called Jerusalem passport case ranged from horrifying to opportunistic to delusional. Jay Michaelson sorts out one from the other.


The Wrong and Right Way to Beat BDS

EDITORIAL: Countering the boycott Israel movement on college campuses will require a different approach than the one Sheldon Adelson is funding. But there is one helpful thing the GOP mega-donor can do.


From a Jerusalem Boy's Passport to a President's Powers

The parents who filed the so-called Jerusalem passport case intended to bolster Israel’s claim to the holy city. Yishai Schwartz explains why the Supreme Court’s decision may wind up being a serious blow to that cause.

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