Donald Trump’s Attack On This Muslim Family Puts Us All to Shame

Jane Eisner asks: Would such a thing have happened if America had mandatory national and community service, as Israel does?


Learning Torah From My Kidney — by Donating It to My Dad

For Yael Krieger, deciding to donate a kidney to her father was empowering. It was also a lesson in Torah.

4 Things To Remember About Pope Francis’s Visit to Auschwitz

Pope Francis made a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau Friday. The spiritual leader of the world’s Catholics silently reflected, met with Jewish and Christian survivors of the death camp, and left a note in the guestbook, which read: “Lord, have mercy on your people! Lord, forgiveness for so much cruelty!”


After Orthodox-Only Mikveh Law, Time To Rein In the Israeli Rabbinate

You might think that the Israeli mikveh bill affects only non-Orthodox converts to Judaism in Israel. Things aren’t that simple, says Orthodox convert Bethany Mandel.


How Bernie Sanders Flipped the ‘Crotchety Jewish Socialist’ Script on Hillary Clinton

At the DNC, Bernie Sanders flipped the old trope of the crotchety Jewish socialist from Brooklyn on its head, says J.J. Goldberg.

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