First Step to Reflecting Jews' Real Values? Focus Less on Israel.

If our organizations truly mirrored our values, J.J. Goldberg writes, they’d focus less on Israel and more on issues like abortion and economic justice.


Why Most Jewish Environmentalism Is Useless — on Tu B'Shvat and Every Other Day

On Tu B’Shvat, Jewish activists may urge you to carpool or turn off lights. These actions are worse than pointless — they’re deceptive, Jay Michaelson writes.


Who's To Blame for Jewish Group Getting Booted from Gay Conference?

After a group with Israel ties got booted from — and then welcomed back into — a LGBTQ conference, pro-Israel and anti-Israel Jews alike feel wronged.


Boycott the West Bank? Nope. Label Settlement Products? Well, OK.

Jane Eisner says labeling products made in West Bank settlements allows consumers who oppose — or support — Israel’s occupation to make informed choices. But a sweeping boycott of all companies that do business in the territory is a counterproductive and blatantly unfair, she writes.


When Good Militia Men Go Jewish and Blow a Shofar — or Not

Mazel tov, you made it through another Yom Kippur!

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