Let's Make Israeli Culture a Uniting Force for Jews Everywhere

If you think Hebrew culture belongs to Israelis, think again. Ido Aharoni says it should belong to all Jews, no matter where they live and no matter what passport they carry.


What Shouldn't We Compare to the Holocaust? A Refugee Crisis, for Starters.

Raising the spectre of the Holocaust may help draw attention to the European refugee crisis — or the threat of a nuclear Iran. But what it really does is shut down reasonable debate on the issues, J.J. Goldberg writes.


Ring In the New Year: Top Tunes to Atone To

J.J. Golderg’s Rosh Hashanah playlist was born five years ago as a sort of mood piece. This year he riffs on some of the elements of the New Year’s service itself.


Why Refugees' Plight Is Personal for Me — and All Jews

During the Holocaust, the nations of the world claimed not to see us. They had plausible deniability — but we don’t. In the age of smart phones, we cannot remain blind to Europe’s refugees, Sarah Wildman writes.


Why There Are Still Only Two Choices in Syria — Bad and Worse

Wish there was another choice between the brutal Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad and the medieval ISIS? Well there isn’t — and J.J. Goldberg explains what a mysterious meeting in Moscow might say about who’s winning.

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