Must-Watch TV: Obama on 'The Colbert Report'

Watch the Leader of the Free World make fun of himself, his critics, Fox News and lots more in a hilarious “Colbert Report” appearance.

Bibi's $40M Settlement Giveaway Blocked

Hours before Israel’s Knesset voted Monday evening to disperse and head to elections, Prime Minister Netanyahu asked the finance committee to approve an “emergency” $40M grant to settlements.

7 Israeli Laws America Should Pass Right Now

During the six years that Avi Bass lived in the Jewish state, he came to appreciate the many Israeli laws designed to protect the little guy. Here are a few that America sorely needs.


Is It Kosher To Fake a Photo for Peace?

As the Forward’s story about a staged Mideast photo generates vociferous debate, New York Times photographer Kitra Cahana shares her opinion on the ethics of faking photos.


The Iconic Mideast Photo That Isn't Fake

Just as Naomi Zeveloff discovered that Ricki Rosen’s iconic Mideast photo is completely staged, she found a strikingly similar photo by Debbi Cooper. And this one’s real.

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