We’re Jewish Student Activists and We Don’t Need To Be Protected From BDS

‘Groups that support BDS do not make us afraid for our safety; we do not need, or want, the protection of an out-of-touch Jewish establishment.’


Finding My Own Truth As Poland Rewrites Holocaust History

Do Jews and Poles want to perpetuate narratives that deny the differences within Polish society during World War II — or do we want to heal?


That Time I Came Face to Face With an Anti-Semite in Brooklyn

It was tempting to ignore that Christopher Bollyn was speaking locally. But I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see him in person.


I Refuse To Let Insane Day School Tuition Price My Kids Out of Orthodoxy

Acknowledge that it’s possible to be Orthodox outside of the yeshiva day school system or admit that there is a growing number of Jewish families being priced out.


The Real Key To Understanding Why Some Jews Will Vote for Donald Trump

Clinton leads Trump two-to-one among Jews, but Trump leads by the same two-to-one margin among Orthodox Jews, J.J. Goldberg writes.

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