The Missing Voices in Mideast Policy Debate

EDITORIAL: Many of the most distinguished scholars of Middle Eastern studies are women. So how come two-thirds of the panels at think tanks were all-male affairs?


Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is Right on Speech to Congress

Benjamin Netanyahu is taking a beating over his planned speech to Congress. David Hazony says if all sides set politics aside, we might see why Bibi is right.


How Jews Built New Life in 'Shanghai Ghetto'

Things in Shanghai looked bright initially, when the first German Jewish refugees, many of them doctors and dentists, arrived soon after Hitler’s rise to power.

Let the Bibi-Gate Blame Game Begin

Benjamin Netanyahu has started pointing fingers over the still-unfolding Congress speech debacle. Nathan Guttman reports the premier isn’t thinking about backing out — at least not yet.


Should We Watch ISIS Horror Videos — or Look Away?

Each ISIS execution video is more grisly than the one before. Allison Kaplan Sommer asks if we should watch — and learn — from the brutality, or simply turn the channel.

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