Rejected: J Street president Jeremy Ben-Ami represents an organization that speaks for an increasing number of young Americans.

Those Who Reject J Street Are Blind

The Jewish establishment has decided to keep its blinders on by rejecting J Street’s effort to join the Presidents Conference, writes Leonard Fein.

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and his Ten Commandments memorial, 2003.

Judge: First Amendment for Christians Only

Controversial Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is under fire again — this time for suggesting that the First Amendment only protects Christianity.

Hawaii's Lone(ly) Jewish Republican Sam Slom

In Hawaii’s State Senate, the Republican caucus is entirely Jewish. That’s because Sam Slom is the only GOP member of the 25-member body.

Why Is Sarah Palin's Dog Named Hadassah?

Is it good or bad news for Hadassah that the women’s Zionist organization now shares a name with former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s dog?

The Danger of Denial for Israel

EDITORIAL: Both Israelis and Palestinians are risking their future because they are denying the reality before them.