A Law Student’s Brutal Dilemma

I knew women who had infants and toddlers in law school and managed to balance both career and motherhood. I knew I couldn’t.

A Masked Man at a Farm Near Baltimore, Then a Happy Ending With Boxer Shorts

The dictionary defines regret as a sense of loss, disappointment or dissatisfaction.

In Brazil, Abortion Is Still Illegal

“I am pregnant!” And I immediately knew that I would not have this baby. It was a matter-of-fact decision, and I did not struggle with it.

Silent No More, Forward Readers Tell Their Abortion Stories

Inspired by the moving teen abortion tale of 1960s Chicago readers wrote in to tell us how the story resonated with their own experiences.


I Was Almost Aborted Before the Holocaust

Born November 1941, 18 months into the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, my mother’s obstetrician had urged her to have an abortion. “It would be immoral,” he told her, “to bring another Jewish life into the world.”

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