Recalling Neil Gandler, an Off-Beat Jewish Tech Maven Murdered for No Reason

Neil Gandler crafted a Jewish lifestyle living in his car to avoid the high cost of living in Silicon Valley. Rabbi Jason Miller remembers a tech maven who was senselessly murdered while sleeping in a Las Vegas parking lot.

Why Are Our Federation Dollars Funding Israeli Settlements?

A cursory search of American Jewish federations’ spending reveals funding of right-wing Israeli settler groups. J Street student leaders demand to know which federations send money over the Green Line — and want them to stop.


How David Bowie Made It OK To Be a Wandering Jewish Misfit

When you’re growing up as a gay Jewish misfit, there’s nothing like an androgynous alien with orange hair and makeup to make you feel less alone, as Jay Michaelson explains.


The Right Isn't Shy About Influencing Israel. Why Is the Left?

Right-wing American Jews don’t hesitate to shape Israeli reality — and the left should be equally brazen about jumping into the fray, Daniel Sokatch writes.


Why Did We Assume B’Tselem Fire Was Arson?

The blaze at B’Tselem’s Jerusalem office was an accident, but many of us assumed it was arson — and that’s telling, Chelsey Berlin writes.

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