Could Lieberman Topple Bibi? We'll Know Soon

Could Lieberman topple Bibi? We’ll know soon.


Yeshiva Retracts 'Mazel Tov' to Gay Newlyweds

A liberal Israeli yeshiva congratulated a gay couple on their marriage — only to later rescind the online blessing, saying it was posted by accident. What’s behind the backpedaling?


Does Israel Buy Influence at U.S. Think Tanks?

The New York Times recently showed how foreign powers buy influence by funneling money into U.S. think tanks. Israel wasn’t mentioned — but that doesn’t mean there’s no Israeli input.

Sexual Assault and Double Standards

If 20% of Jewish college students experienced an anti-Semitic assault, we’d be up in arms. Yet that’s the figure for women and sexual assault — and we just accept it.

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