Talking to the Rabbis About Sex

Leah Vincent, a former ultra-Orthodox Jew, spent this Sunday talking to ultra-Orthodox rabbis about sexuality and modesty — with surprising results.

Was Amos Oz Right About ‘Hebrew Neo-Nazis’?

Was Amos Oz wrong to slam Israeli settler extremists as ‘Hebrew neo-Nazis’? Sigal Samuel says the novelist may not have been diplomatic — but he’s not altogether wrong.

Fortunate Son: Tal Fortgang is the descendant of Holocaust survivors, but also a day school graduate from a rich suburb.

Checking Your Jewish Privilege

The Princeton student who sparked the ‘check your privilege’ debate reminds Samuel G. Freedman of a Jewish archetype: the strong man who also feels like a weakling.

Making Fun of Haredim — Bad for All Israelis

Is it becoming more acceptable for secular Israelis to hate and mock the ultra-Orthodox? Judging by a recent joke about controlling the Haredi population through cannibalism, the answer is yes.