How To Include LGBT Jews in 'Who Sets the Table?'

The Forward’s survey investigating whether Passover is still women’s work was geared solely toward straight couples. J.E. Reich says that’s a problem — and explains how to fix it.


For the Iran Nuclear Deal, on Balance

EDITORIAL: There are plenty of valid questions about the Iran nuclear deal. But the risks of allowing the deal to collapse far outweigh the dangers of trying to build a lasting settlement.


Approaching a New Era for the Forward

As we approach a new era in the Forward’s brand and history, here’s what it means for us.

Bibi vs. Sharon on Bush's Iraq Debacle

J.J. Goldberg digs deeper into the conflicting roles that Benjamin Netanyahu and Ariel Sharon played in George W. Bush’s disastrous war in Iraq — and what it means for Iran today.


How Ed Miliband Lost Britain's Jewish Voters

Ed Miliband wants to be Britain’s first Jewish prime minister, but a new poll shows his fellow tribe members prefer his non-Jewish rival. Is it all because of Israel politics?

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