My Hasidic Family Got Into a Passover Fistfight — Over Cake

You think your family’s tough to deal with on holidays? Tell that to ex-Hasid Naftuli Moster, who got into a family fistfight over kosher-for-Passover cake.


#147NotJustaNumber in Kenya

EDITORIAL: The world joined together as one to denounce the terror attacks in Paris, and rightly so. Why haven’t we summoned the same moral outrage over the massacre in Kenya?


If Nuclear Iran Is So Scary, What About Israel?

Unlike Iran, Israel succeeded in developing its nuclear capabilities without making the world nervous enough to prompt a forced inspection or threaten sanctions. Michael Karpin explains why.


4 Questions on Iran for Benjamin Netanyahu

Benjamin Netanyahu is full of disdain for the nuclear deal with Iran, even though it’s packed with concessions. J.J. Goldberg asks why Israel’s leader finds it so hard to accept a big win.


How Bibi and Bush Made a Mess of the Middle East

It’s hard to understand the tangled web of chaos in the Middle East, writes J.J. Goldberg. Until you go back to two men whose misplaced obsession with Saddam Hussein created the mess.

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