One Thing 75 Jewish Leaders — From Right to Left — Can All Agree On

An unusual document, signed by a diverse group of Jewish communal figures from right to left and from Orthodox to Reform, reflects a rare consensus on how to strengthen our future.


Watch This Arab-Israeli News Anchor Slam Palestinian Leaders

Arab-Israeli news anchor Lucy Aharish slammed Palestinians for using religion as an excuse to attack Jews, and their leaders for inciting the violence.


We Need a New Jewish Ritual for the Terminally Ill

Jews have a ritual for almost everything. But we have no way to ritually embrace someone who wants to reaffirm ties to the community and to God before death. So, Michael Millenson created it.


Who Is To Blame for the Bloodshed and Despair in Israel? Everyone.

Israel will win this phase of the conflict with the Palestinians, despite being partly at fault for the bloodshed, Jay Michaelson writes. But when this is what ‘winning’ looks like, don’t we all lose?


When ‘Homeland’ Calls Itself Racist — in Arabic

Artists hired by ‘Homeland’ to add Arabic graffiti to a set have revealed that they hacked the show by spray-painting ‘Homeland is racist.’ Sigal Samuel explains why the producers had it coming.

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