Burkini Wars Show What’s Wrong With the Religious Right — and Secular Left

Women are being squeezed from all sides, because men in power see their domination and sense of national identity slipping away, Jane Eisner writes.


If Israel’s Occupation Is Permanent, Why Isn’t It the Same as Apartheid?

With the release of a new poll, Jay Michaelson says we need to review what a one-state, Jewish-control solution really means.


Donald Trump Has a Plan To Keep Out Anti-Semites. Does It Make Any Sense?

Jewish groups worry that ideological tests could indulge stereotyping.


Donald Trump Hates Losers. Judaism Can’t Get Enough of Them.

Ishmael teases Isaac. Esau is favored over Jacob. Goliath looms large over David. But the bullied one always wins over the bully.


How Jewish Persecution Complex Warped Our Reaction to the Rio Olympics

Did Arab athletes act the way they did because they’re anti-Semites? Lisa Goldman says there’s another explanation, though many Jews won’t be able to hear it.

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