Dan Markel's Meaningful Life Ends in Senseless Death

After a senseless death, people often speak about the person’s impact in life. That can be a truism, but in Dan Markel’s case every word is true, Jay Michaelson writes.


From Shul to Shrimp in New Orleans

How should two Sephardi Jews spend their last night in New Orleans — shul or shrimp? For Anne Cohen and Sigal Samuel, the answer was both.


Tel Aviv Is Under Red Alert — In Many Ways

A group of right-wing extremists attacked a peace rally in Tel Aviv. Haggai Matar, who was there, thinks this is part of a bigger pattern of dehumanization in Israeli society.


When We Stop To Really See Each Other

The crisis between Israelis and Palestinians is also the result of dehumanization, writes Leonard Fein. We shouldn’t allow ourselves to stop seeing each other.


3 Takes on the Hamas Endgame

J.J. Goldberg shares three views of the Gaza crisis and how it ends. Maybe the war can be used to humble Hamas for good and as a lever to strengthen Mahmoud Abbas’s hand.

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