Does Israel Buy Influence at U.S. Think Tanks?

The New York Times recently showed how foreign powers buy influence by funneling money into U.S. think tanks. Israel wasn’t mentioned — but that doesn’t mean there’s no Israeli input.

Sexual Assault and Double Standards

If 20% of Jewish college students experienced an anti-Semitic assault, we’d be up in arms. Yet that’s the figure for women and sexual assault — and we just accept it.


500 Years Later, a Queer-Inclusive Bentsher

Exactly 500 years after the first Grace After Meals book was published, Jews are creating a queer-inclusive version for Orthodox and non-Orthodox use alike.


4 Ways Jews Are Thriving in France

As sensationalist stories of anti-Semitic attacks threaten to sweep us into a panic, let’s not forget what a strong impact Jews continue to have on French culture.

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