4 Dramas Exposed by the Forward’s Interview With President Obama — Real and Fake

Jane Eisner’s interview with President Obama brings into sharp relief four dramas that have come to a head this year. David Hazony breaks them down — and explains which one is fake.


Israeli Comedy Has a Blackface Problem

Israel has a local Ethiopian community that includes actors and writers. Instead of hiring them, the country’s media-makers prefer to feature white actors wearing blackface.


Visiting Auschwitz? Enjoy a Cool 'Mist' Shower

The caretakers of the Auschwitz concentration camp museum decided to install cooling mist showers to fight the summer heat. That has offended many visitors to a place where the Nazi showers meant death, Lior Zaltzman writes.


The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure High Holidays Prayer Book

Can you design a prayer book that includes those who are LGBTQ, or intermarried, or disabled, or Jews of color? Sure you can — and hey, why not throw in some Walt Whitman and Grace Paley to boot!


How Benjamin Netanyahu's Allies Twist the Truth on Iran

J.J. Goldberg’s critics have been accusing him of over-hyping disagreements over the Iran deal inside Israel. The only problem is, that’s not what he said.

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