From Crown Heights to Mississippi

To the untrained eye, ex-Hasids and Southern Jews don’t have much in common. But Malkie Schwartz knows much more unites them than divides them.

France Must Reckon With Its Anti-Semitism Problem

There’s palpaple hatred for Jews in the streets of France. Robert Zaretsky thinks it’s way past time for the nation to come to terms with this frightening problem.


Why Bibi Doesn’t Want To Invade Gaza

As Benjamin Netanyahu weighs a ground attack on Gaza, he has to consider Israel’s strategic interests. J.J. Goldberg explains why his internal battle with the right wing may be even more crucial.


Why Killing Kids on Gaza Beach Is Bad Hasbara

Israel’s fight in the PR war just got that much harder.


May Gaza Victims' Memories Be a Blessing

When lives are lost, those left behind ensure that the names are not forgotten. Some Israelis are doing their best to make sure that applies to victims of the Gaza war too.

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