4 Ways Jews Are Thriving in France

As sensationalist stories of anti-Semitic attacks threaten to sweep us into a panic, let’s not forget what a strong impact Jews continue to have on French culture.


French Jews, Escaping to Israel Is Not the Answer

Laurent-David Samama, who has watched his fellow Parisian Jews leave for Israel in droves, pleads with them to stay put — and fight for a better France.


Take Back Tzniut

With kids going back to school, a set of questions about dress codes — particularly for girls — will once again be discussed. But do these conversations miss the point?


For Vogue, Palestinian Is the New Israeli

Why did Vogue choose Palestinian model Gigi Hadid to recreate a famous cover shot of Israeli model Michaela Bercu? It’s no coincidence, Sigal Samuel argues.


Summer's Missing Question: What Is Zionism?

Lost amid all the talk about whether the Gaza war spelled the end of liberal Zionism is a more basic question: What is Zionism? J.J. Goldberg examines this deeper crisis.

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