Jewish Tea Party Guy's Immigration 'Fear' Gaffe

Arizona congressional candidate Adam Kwasman said he could see ‘fear on the faces’ of a busload of migrant children. Too bad they were actually local kids heading to the YMCA. Oops.


5 Ways To Turn Down the Social Media Flame

Our Facebook and Twitter feeds are burning up with inflaming comments about Israel and Palestine. Jay Michaelson has some tips for getting everyone to calm down a little.


The Intifada Will Be Live Streamed — Is That Bad?

If the third intifada erupts, the role of social media will be unprecedented. Noam Neusner explains who the winners will be if this uprising is waged on YouTube and Facebook.


With Israel Feuds Raging, Can't Jews All Get Along?

Amid war in Gaza, some Jews and Muslims jointly marked the fast of Ramadan and 17th of Tammuz. That’s inspiring, but Jane Eisner writes Jews need a way to ease the vitriol among ourselves.


Joseph Stalks Us in Memphis

Jews pop up in unexpected places in Memphis, like the Lorraine Motel where Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. Anne Cohen and Sigal Samuel offer six Jewish surprises in the Blues City.

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