Between Obama and Netanyahu, It's Personal

As the rift between President Obama and Benjamin Netanyahu grows wider, J.J. Goldberg stops to ask how much is the result of policy differences and how much is simply personal.


The Black Panthers Haggadah

The Black Panthers created their own Haggadah. Inspired by protests of the ’60s, it lists 10 plagues they accused Ashkenazi Jews of visiting on immigrants from Arab lands.

Walking While Jewish in Berlin

A.J. Goldmann walked through Berlin for ten hours with a yarmulke on his head looking to see if he would receive any anti-Semitic taunts. What he did find surprised him.


Will Ed Miliband Be Britain's First Jewish Premier?

Britain is headed for an election that looks like a tight contest between David Cameron and challenger Ed Miliband, who would become the first Jewish prime minister.


The Seder Is a Mother

Even though it’s often men who lead the Seder in traditional Jewish families, Avi Shafran believes that the Seder itself is maternal in its quality and purpose.

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