What Is a Jewish Response to Virginia On-Air Gun Killings?

Now that senseless gun violence has claimed more lives, what can we do to stop the cycle? Jay Michaelson says it’s time for us as Jews to take the issue personally.


Don't Fall for 'Netanyahu Derangement Syndrome' on Iran Deal

Critics of the Iran deal are trashing anyone who takes a different view, even pro-Israel stalwarts like Jerry Nadler and former Mossad leaders. J.J. Goldberg knows just what ails them — and he’s got a name for it.


Donald Trump and the Danger of Scapegoating

Donald Trump’s anti-immigration rhetoric is even more disturbing given his family history. Bethany Mandel notes that if his radical opinions held sway decades ago, his Jewish grandchildren wouldn’t be here — and neither would he.


Yes, Birthright Israel Should Subsidize Free Teen Trips

Our opinion is that the Israel experience should be free of charge, like Birthright Israel, as the only effective way to attract teens en masse to go to Israel.

'Israeli Opinion Must Have an Impact on Our Decision'

For better or worse Israel Advocacy is now and must be on the agenda of nearly every Federation. We are with Israel in time of war and peace, advocating, lobbying, visiting and being supportive in every way we can.

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