Ask How Theresa May Will Relate to Britain’s Jews — Not Israel

The way a prime minister relates to Jews in her own country is more important than the way she relates to Israel, Lana Adler argues.


Why Benjamin Netanyahu Is Suddenly Looking Like a Diplomatic Superstar

Taken together, Netanyahu’s recent diplomatic successes are transforming Israel’s international standing, J.J. Goldberg writes.


How One Teen’s Chance Encounter Started an Autism Awareness Movement

While attending summer camp in 2008, Alexandra Jackman met Jamie, a young girl with Cerebral Palsy. Out of this meeting grew a beautiful friendship and Jackman’s passion for working with special needs youth.

No, Bernie Sanders Did Not Sell Out by Endorsing Hillary Clinton — Just the Opposite

Some of Bernie’s followers are accusing him of compromising his values. Lana Adler disagrees — and says the ancient rabbis would, too.


Why the AIPAC Haters Have it Wrong

While some Israel supporters say AIPAC has lost its touch, Daniella J. Greenbaum says the prominent Israel lobby is here to stay, and more important than ever.

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